Around Turlock – December 26

Brandon McMillan/

Despite the O’Reilly Auto Parts previously located at 693 N. Golden State Blvd. moving to its Geer Road location in February, the old parcel remains empty.

The former O’Reilly location is one of multiple empty parcels in the Turlock Town Center.

In May it was announced that a new anchor tenant would join the shopping center, however that tenant has not been revealed.

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  1. well.. says:
    they definitely aren't going to tell mustached hipsters what their plans are considering what a government boot heel lapping, downtown association butt kissing, and local official butt sniffing organization TCN is.
  2. curious hipster says:
    I think you're confusing TCN with TJ. TJ gets funded by chamber which gets funded by the city. If anything, the latter do the butt sniffing and us hipsters are left playing with our mustaches wondering when we'll have places that sell kimchi, kale, quinoa, and drinks served in mason jars.

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