Victim Stabbed on Wayside, Suspect Arrested

Brandon McMillan/

Turlock police arrested a male subject after he allegedly stabbed a victim on Wayside Drive on Dec 27.

James Fletcher, 23, was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

Officers responded to the 200 block of Wayside Drive at approximately 4:08 p.m. on the report of the stabbing, said Turlock police spokesperson Cpl. Dave Shaw.

Shaw was unable to provide details about the altercation, but was able to confirm that the victim was stabbed and injured.

The victim was transported to an area hospital, but the injuries suffered were deemed to be non-life-threatening. will provide additional details when they become available.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    (*edited by tcn)!! That does not constitute stabbing someone. You almost killed him

  2. Kane says:

    thats the most ridiculous reason I have ever heard. There is blood all over the car because your “buddy” hit a major artery. Not life threatening?? He has had to have multiple surgeries and almost died. On top of that all you in that car decided it a good idea to be talking smack out your window and taunting. If you had your girls in the car then you sure weren’t think we’re you? Yeah carrying around a hunting knife around town for no particular reason with your girls in the car real responsible. So forgive me while I shed some tears for you having to clean blood in your car. He should be held for attempted murder not self defense. Get a life!

  3. Kane says:

    and let’s not forget that you fled the scene

  4. Guest says:

    Were you even in the car Joe so how do you know all of this? Please explain to me how my boyfriend was minding his own business walking while the people in the car stopped two times harassing him for no reason and proceed to get out the car and he defend himself and get stabbed and almost lose his life. No one deserves that.

  5. Guest says:

    Stay classy Turlock

  6. Kane says:

    Stay Classy?? Turlock has let us down once again by not getting all of the facts before letting out news or not questioning the victim but only the one whom attempted to kill him?? This is a travesty that our legal system is so blind that it just does what one side of the situation says happened if it was non life threatening then why was he taken to another hospital out of town. Or should I say medi flighted. Get your story straight before you post a news article on more farce then truth. Hows that for classy??

  7. guest says:

    Control yourself Walter Cronkite. @Kane

  8. the truth says:

    If it aint westside its wayside for life

  9. Firezombie14 says:

    Well most likely joe your not your average law abiding citizen

  10. Matt says:

    My god people. All of you commenting are a bunch of illiterate morons! I tried. I really did. I can barely make it through some of your sentences before I’m cringing from the stupidity. For (*edited by tcn) sake go back to school! It’s embarrassing.

  11. Blame Sosieth & his 100 day plan says:

    Golly gee, with all of the Sosieth bandwagon support from this website, I’m surprised there hasn’t been an update on the Sosieth 100 day plan. He was sworn in Dec. 9, it’s been nearly the first 30 days, could we have an update? Tell me he’s not already backing away from his “promises”.

  12. Kek says:

    These are some topkek comments.

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