California High Speed Rail Groundbreaking Ceremony to be Held Jan. 6

Courtesy of California High Speed Rail

Despite its controversy on the State and Federal levels, a groundbreaking ceremony for the California High-Speed Rail (CA HSR) project will be held Jan. 6 in Fresno to commemorate the beginning of its construction in part by Governor Jerry Brown and the California High Speed Rail Authority.

The project, which originally was put on ballot in 2008 under Proposition 1A, “The Safe, Reliable High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Act for the 21st Century” was approved by voters authorizing the California Transportation Commission (CTC), upon appropriation by the State legislature, to allocate funds for capital improvements to various elements relating to the high-speed rail.

Improvements included inter-city and commuter rail lines, as well as urban rail systems that provide direct connectivity to the high-speed train system and its facilities, or those that are part of the construction of the high-speed train system as set forth in Streets and Highways Code, or that provide enhancements to capacity and safety improvements.

The CTC is required to program and allocate net proceeds received from the sale of $950 million in bonds authorized under the Proposition for the High-Speed Passenger Train Bond Program. CA HSR is responsible for planning, designing, building and operation of rail system with the intention of connecting “mega-regions” throughout California.

Though the projected outcomes are widely debated, according to CHSR, the project would contribute to economic development, the creation of around 20,000 jobs annually for five years, a cleaner environment, and the preservation of agricultural and protected lands.

According to CA HSR, by 2029, should it be completed, the system will run from San Francisco to the Los Angeles basin in under three hours at speeds over 200 miles per hour. Additionally, the system would eventually extend to Sacramento and San Diego, for a projected total span of 800 miles with an estimated 24 stations. Additionally, CA HSR has worked with regional partners to implement a statewide rail modernization plan to invest billions in local and regional rail lines.

It is important to note, however, that though the plan includes a span of 800 miles throughout California by the completion of the project, connections to the high-speed rail system in many major cities would be via Amtrak or Bus.

In Stanislaus County, connections to the San Joaquin Corridor portion of the system, according to the CA HSR Program Revised 2012 Business Plan, would be via the Modesto Area Express (MAX) bus transit service.

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  1. Railfan says:

    Finally, California joins the rest of the world. Senator Dorkham can suck it and maybe choose to look forward and be more progressive.

  2. N Pelosi says:

    Guest Railfan you are an idiot. First, dont we already have AMtrack? Who the hell uses that? Do we really have such a need for AmTrack that we need another one?

    Then gas prices are so down that people will just drive.
    And it only creates jobs for 5 years, then all those people are unemployed again.

    Who is paying for this rail that will not be used? Again, the Liberals in SF and LA are deciding was is best for us in the Central Valley so they can control us and people are allowing it to happen.

    Biggest waste of California money ever!

  3. teh libural mediuh says:

    Someone save us from the liburals! Communism is back! San Francisco is eeeeevillll…run away RUN! The high speed rail will doom us all!

  4. guest says:

    People do use the Amtrak as a matter of fact. Also even if it only gives jobs for 5 months that feeds families any way you look at it that’s important. Gas prices may be down but that never last long at all as history has shown. SF and LA may have provided the idea but it has to approved by Sacramento and the rest of California give it a chance you might actually like it …. Hey I wanna go to SF on a Friday at 3pm in the middle of a huge traffic day from Modesto to SF only an hr in the Amtrak awesome… What’s that I hear??! Cling cling cling goes the trolley ring ring ring goes the bell!!

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