Vehicle Collides Into Colorado Residence

Brandon McMillan/

A car collided into a house on the corner of Colorado Avenue and Moonbeam Way on Tuesday night, however the home only suffered minor damage.

A black vehicle was traveling northbound on Colorado Avenue when they attempted to make a right-hand turn onto Moonbeam Way, but lost control and collided into the home.

The car attempted to make the turn too quickly, according to the Turlock Police Department.

The vehicle collided into the corner of the home, but did not make it’s way into the home; only small damage to the residence was seen.

No major injuries were reported in the collision.

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  1. Dave Dabulewicz says:
    Thanks for story on Colorado house that car collided with.
    Few facts missed quoted. 1 it did make into house 2. it also broke water main to house. 3. Broke several studs and 4x4 post. Was not minor damage. Just wanted to set record straight.
    Thanks Dave (resident)
  2. Jason p says:
    People drive around this neighborhood with no care for children or and road signs. Police should monitor it better since there is a park in the area and hand out tickets for wreck less driving and missing stop signs and speeding in residential areas. Speed bumps are necessary but the city would rather spend money on other things than safety.
  3. Re: Jason says:
    With our police department understaffed and overworked, do you really think they can be everywhere at once?

    If you really want to make a difference on how this town is run, go to a city council meeting or two.
  4. Dave Debulewicz scam says:
    I think you went bankrupt with a downtown business and now you're trying to state your version of the story versus Turlock police reports so you can try and scam insurance money.
  5. K.Briggs says:
    Thanks Jason for expressing a view which I whole heartily agree with. Turlock Police Department has (3) Traffic Officers dedicated to traffic laws and
    Traffic enforcement. During any one time there are (5) Police Officers divided into 70,000 citizens providing service and documenting crimes reports. Turlock Police Department is at a critical staffing level and because of staffing levels, has caused a change from being a proactive Police influence to a reactive Police Department which picks up the pieces after the damage has been done.
    You may ask "then just hire some more cops" but it's not that simple. First, Turlock Police Department is at the lowest tier of wage and benefits in Central California causing new academy graduates and lateral officers to seek employment elsewhere. Second, if Turlock Police Department secures an officer for employment it take 6 months to 9 months to complete the hiring process and 6 more months before an officer completes training to be on the streets. So the best case scenario to " just hire a cop" takes at least 1 year before the citizens of Turlock have a new officer on the streets.
    Turlock Police Department continues to lose seasoned officers at an alarming rate and in Feburary 2015 we will lose one more to San Diego, Ca.
    I would suggest to the citizens of Turlock as we progress into 2015 with a shortage of Police Officers and with a trend of staffing Turlock Police Department with new academy officers to "just drive safer and lock your doors!"
    If you want better, then as Jason stated go to the City Council meetings and ask why your City Management has created this situation and demand a change.
  6. Fully Staffed! says:
    But Kim, the police department is now fully staffed! Have you not noticed the increase in Officers on the streets?
  7. @ K.Briggs says:
    Thank goodness the sheriff is issuing ccw's.

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