Suspect Arrested While in Possession of a Blackjack, Meth

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

Turlock police arrested a male subject on Tuesday afternoon after he was found to be in possession of a blackjack and methamphetamine.

Officers stopped a male subject, later identified as Nick Lauderbaugh, 33, for a vehicle code violation while he was riding a bicycle near the intersection of Bernell and Lander avenues around 1:50 p.m.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, the officer knew Lauderbaugh was on active searchable probation, so they asked the suspect if he was in possession of anything illegal.

Lauderbaugh responded that he had a blackjack, which is a baton or club.

When the officer attempted to handcuff Lauderbaugh, he attempted to flee on his bicycle, said Lewis, but the officer was able to grab the back of the suspect’s shirt to stop him.

A short struggle ensued, but eventually Lauderbaugh was safely taken into custody, said Lewis.

Lauderbaugh was arrested for possession of a blackjack, possession of methamphetamine, resisting arrest, and violation of probation.

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  1. CA is Jerry Browns turd says:

    I bet your parents are proud of you.
    And I bet he got cited with a misdemeanor and released thanks to our pathetic politicians.

  2. N Pelosi says:

    Why or why couldnt the cops do the world a favor and shoot this guy…. sounds like he resisted

  3. Wondering says:

    You are so ignorant you must not have read Prop 47 before you voted no .. He was not and is not being charged with a misdemeanor .He was a felon in possession of a concealed weapon therefore does not fall into the prop 47 guideline. Stupid ….. That is why we have crappy politicians because idiots like you vote them into office

  4. Re:Wondering says:

    I see they got the internet working at the gospel mission??

  5. Augustus says:

    [u]now this is exactly the type of guy I want to be sharing a zip code with[/u]

  6. Turlock Slickboy says:

    nice artwork bub

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