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Despite being the first comic book shop to open in Turlock since 2009, Sky High Comics and Collectibles tenure Downtown will be short-lived.

On Tuesday, Sky High announced on their Facebook that they would be closing their doors in the near future.

“Attention skyhigh customers we are sorry to announce that as of this week we will no longer have new issues of comics and unfortunately we will be closing our doors soon, a date of closing will be announced further once we have decided the date,” Sky High posted on Facebook.

It is still unknown when exactly Sky High will close its doors, but the most recent shipment will be their last of new issues.

The shop will continue to sell back issues until the store finally closes its doors for good.

Sky High opened in April of 2014 at 120 W. Main St. and became Turlock’s first comic book store in five years.

“I would like to thank everybody who has shopped or stopped in and chatted at skyhigh comics,” Sky High posted on Facebook. “This last year has been a blast and I got to fulfill a dream. thank you!”

The store sold mostly comic books, but also had many collectibles, including artworks, statues and action figures, for sale.

Prior to Sky High opening, Turlock hadn’t been the home of a comic book store since Owned! Comics and Cards, located near the Regal Turlock Stadium 14 movie theater, closed its doors in 2009.

Turlock residents will now be forced to travel to Modesto or Merced to get their superhero fix.

Modesto currently has two comic books stores, Bonanza Books and Comics and Krier’s Cards and Comics, and Merced has one, Red Sky Comics. Merced also has a store which focuses on gaming cards, The Arcane Lab.

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  1. sad says:

    but i knew this was coming. people no longer read books, and kids are no longer taught that reading is fun. and lord knows that Turlock is definitely NOT promoting a civilized, literate culture. on the contrary, they would rather promote sports, and monster truck rally.

  2. Augustus says:

    Perhaps niche businesses could survive downtown if hip things like saucy girls and the acai truck were allowed to be there, which attracts foot traffic. A place like this shop needs foot traffic to make it and with the downtown association blocking that, downtown will remain a ghost town. I guess they only want hobos and junkies on those benches, eh?

  3. Guest says:

    Downtown business hours need to change. The stay at home mom shopping downtown days have been gone over 20 years. Thank you to Mark Hall for finally bringing Turlock a great tax base revenue and quality shopping

  4. I blame Sosieth says:

    Since the young man is taking responsiblity for everything good, let’s share the bad with him. Why did the comic book shop close, along with Simply Blinged & Ritsy Rags. Did you actually walk into the shops and talk to the owners? It would be appreciated!

  5. mikesommers14 says:

    I’m not surprised. I only went there once and wasn’t very impressed. Although they had a surprisingly varied stock of back issues, it was small and the selection of current releases wasn’t very impressive. The store itself was also awkwardly quiet. Not even a stereo playing on a low volume to provide a bit of background noise, so conversations carried loudly and you felt compelled to almost whisper while talking to your friend with you. Their heart was in the right place, but it just wasn’t a very good store. Bonanza in Modesto is far better. Avoid Krier’s unless you like card games or having your comic-related questions brushed off.

  6. Lisa pegueros says:

    There was a comic book store by regal about 2-3 years ago they sold comic books video games and collectibles.

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