Suspect in Stolen Truck Flees Police After Hitting Spike Strip

Brandon McMillan/

Turlock police are looking for a male subject who was able to flee from officers after he was spotted in a stolen vehicle early on Wednesday morning.

Authorities received report of a suspicious truck in an alley near the 400 block Myrtle Street around 4 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, the reporting citizen provided authorities with the license plate number and it was revealed that the truck was stolen.

Officers responded to the area and set up a perimeter around the vehicle; spike strips were also set up, said Lewis, as officers waited for the suspect to drive off.

Eventually the suspect fled the area and hit the spike strips, however it did not stop the suspect and a short pursuit ensued, said Lewis.

The suspect later abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot.

Officers attempted to set up a perimeter to locate the suspect, but they were unsuccessful.

A description of the suspect is unavailable at this time.

Anyone with information regarding the incident or the whereabouts of the suspect are asked to call the Turlock Police Department at 209-668-5550. 

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  1. Keystone Cops says:
    What a surprise from the bumbling TPD.
  2. Augustus says:
    Hey at least they got the truck back. Po po deserves a pat on the back
  3. Guest says:
    Hard to set up a perimeter with three to four patrol officers on duty for your whole city.
  4. K.Briggs says:
    Not Keystone Cops but lack of patrol officers protecting your streets.
    I'll repost my comment because it's apropes to this posting.
    Turlock Police Department has (3) Traffic Officers dedicated to traffic laws and
    Traffic enforcement between 8AM to 5PM. During any one time there are a maximum (5) Police Officers divided into 70,000 citizens providing service and documenting crimes reports. Turlock Police Department is at a critical staffing level and because of staffing levels, has caused a change from being a proactive Police influence to a reactive Police Department which picks up the pieces after the damage has been done.
    You may ask "then just hire some more cops" but it's not that simple. First, Turlock Police Department is at the lowest tier of wage and benefits in Central California causing new academy graduates and lateral officers to seek employment elsewhere. Second, if Turlock Police Department secures an officer for employment it take 6 months to 9 months to complete the hiring process and 6 more months before an officer completes training to be on the streets. So the best case scenario to " just hire a cop" takes at least 1 year before the citizens of Turlock have a new officer on the streets.
    Turlock Police Department continues to lose seasoned officers at an alarming rate and in Feburary 2015 we will lose one more to San Diego, Ca.
    I would suggest to the citizens of Turlock as we progress into 2015 with a shortage of Police Officers and a trend to staff Turlock Police Department with new academy officers to "just drive safer and lock your doors!"
    If you want better, then as Jason stated go to the City Council meetings and ask why your City Management has created this situation and demand a change.
  5. Augustus says:
    And the scum understand the above mentioned crisis is police staffing and flock here. Crime is becoming out of control but city council is instead concerned about diverting funds to useless operations like visitor's services in a city that isn't a tourist destination except for maybe more criminal homeless and tweekers.
  6. Wasden fund T.P.D. says:
    Why is the City of Manteca Police department that is the same size as Turlock fully staffed ??
    Wasden do you job and set your priorities straight.
  7. K.Briggs says:
    According to staffing reports, Turlock Police Department IS fully staffed but the numbers include several positions which are held by short term and long term disabled officers that ARE NOT on the streets. Vacancies continue to grow as officers leave for other agencies and those positions will be hopefully filled by trainee officers in local police academies.
    The City Manager HAS set his priorities and this is why we are at this critical level. If you want this city to continue in the direction of rising crime levels then sit back and do nothing otherwise DEMAND better by those who govern your safety.
  8. TPD Union, post your names, we might start respecting you says:
    It is blatantly obvious the TPD union members are tryin' to stir it up, days before their contract is going before the "new" city council. Do you think Sosieth/Jacob will do what the union leaders tell them to & screw the taxpayers. Enough already. Watch closely to see what happens on Wednesday morning.
  9. Is this the same TPD who is suing the city of Turlock says:
    Wow, is there ever a fair, balanced & unbiased story about the police-fire unions & how they whine, whine, whine about lack of officers, lack of good pay, if you want more money, go to Stockton, where you might get shot or the Bay area where you can't afford to live! Why is TPD suing the city of Turlock Mr. Holeman?
  10. Guest says:
    Was den ran MPD into the ground as chief of police now running not only TPD but a whole city to the ground.
  11. Bryan Tribble says:
    B I U
  12. Bryan Tribble says:
    For those criticizing the Police Dept. You have got to be there to see what they go through every day. Try it. It is not for the meek.
  13. Turlocker says:
    Well I do believe that Turlock has surpassed keys as being the armpit of California.
  14. the truth says:
    Lay off the doughnuts they apparently are slowing you down and you work a what could be physical job well remain physically capable. It ses like alot of crooks are getting away these days and not even a description
  15. K. Briggs says:
    What a wonderful factual and prescient statement of what is actually happening in our fair city of turlock.
    We have a big problem with meth, homeless(that the churches feed and incentivize their homeless behavior), rising crime, and other ills because the dirtbags are spreading the word to come here precisely because of our lack of police. Soon the Central Valley will be a favela.
    I would suggest police and city council start allowing ccw holders in turlock to open carry, making the downtown association pay for private security to deter homelessness, and start telling churches that to make their tax free grounds available for the homeless to gather.
    Ultimately this is the failure of government and a prime example of what happens when ordinary people use violence to tax labor and property under the guise of using it for the betterment of the whole. Lazar, Soiseth, and the like are one thing: financial warlords.
    Until we take our labor and property back nothing will change. It's only going to get worse as we see another economic downturn that is on the horizon. Prepare now and buy firearms, strings doors, and flood lights to protect your family when the savages start roaming when the economy has collapsed and there are no more welfare checks coming .
  16. Hank says:
  17. K.Briggs to Guest says:
    First in response to your post, I am a firm supporter of the Second Amendment giving all citizens the right bear arms however I have an issue when this right is directed towards protecting you, your family and city from the homeless. I must admit the homeless are a public drain on public services but they too have their rights to live as they see fit as long as their freedoms do not intrude on my safety or the safety of my family.
    I personally don't believe our Country will ever become a nation besieged by muraders nor do I think we are facing imminent doom. Therefore the need to go out and buy guns, ammo and string door seems a little too much for me but I do believe in protecting our freedoms.
    Secondly I have found Mayor Soisethis not to be a financial warlord but instead a man who directs his agenda towards the betterment of all citizens and community. We are blessed to have a bright young man who's ideals and foresight will lead Turlock to greatness within the Central Valley.
    So Guest slow down, calm down and enjoy life and rely on public safety to secure your safety, our citizens safety and this communities safety for years to come.

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