TUSD Honors Employees Making A Difference

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The Turlock Unified School District honored 16 classified support personnel as nominees for the Stanislaus County Office of Education Employees Making A Difference Award Program, scheduled for Jan. 26.

Of the 16 TUSD employees, three were selected to be honored at the County level, including Kathy Prada, an administrative assistant at Turlock High School, Ben Liang, a TUSD maintenance worker, Alicia Miranda, a health technician at Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy.

Here is each employee and their contributions to their school site or workplace:

Harvinder Aulakh
Paraprofessional/Special Ed Non-Severe
Crowell Elementary

As a paraprofessional for eight years Harvinder has demonstrated extreme professionalism, selflessness and compassion while serving the students at Crowell School. She strives to promote harmony while nourishing relationships among the students. Harvinder’s efforts reach beyond the school site as she is heavily involved in her church community activities. Crowell Elementary is extremely proud and honored to have such a self-motivated, hardworking and dedicated individual.

Deanne Brock
Paraprofessional/Special Ed Non-Severe
Dutcher Middle School

Deanne makes a difference in the lives of students every day she steps onto the Dutcher campus. With increased duties and changing requirements, she continues to adjust to the demands effortlessly. Deanne has a gift to help the students to not only work at grade level, but to rise above. Her ability to effectively communicate with the students she supports is outstanding. As a result, it Dutcher Middle School’s honor to recognize Deanne as an “Employee Making a Difference.”

Alma Brumley
Secretary I
Medeiros Elementary School

Alma embraces the demands of new challenges with motivation and a smile, displaying a positive attitude, and striving to always do her best. Alma makes personal connections with staff, students and parents, warmly welcoming all who enter the Medeiros office. Her generosity knows no bounds as she often makes donations to needy families. Alma truly makes a difference in the Medeiros community as her positive nature is contagious.

Anna Campodonico
Administrative Assistant/HS Principal
Pitman High School

Anna is described as the penultimate “Renaissance Secretary.” Each daily challenge she attacks with vigor and confidence, adjusting on the run to address any and all emergencies that arise. Anna has enormously high expectations of herself with a passionate commitment to “putting kids first.” Her fair-mindedness and compassion are shadowed only by her dedication as never a day goes by where she has not made a difference to a parent, staff member or student.

Katie Contreras
Administrative Secretary I
Earl Elementary School

Katie is the “heart and soul” of the Earl Elementary office with the ability to turn any situation into a positive one. Katie assumes any needed responsibility and does so with a smile. She is an honest, reliable, flexible and extremely hardworking member of the Earl campus who knows the innerworkings inside and out. Katie makes a difference in the Earl world each and every day.

Mary Cotton
Campus Supervisor-Elementary
Walnut Elementary Education Center

Mary has worked at the Walnut site since its opening eight years ago. She is highly motivated, creates and maintains positive relationships with our students, staff and families and loves doing her job. Mary believes in open communication with respect, which enables the creation of solutions. Mary is fair with a keen sense of right and wrong. No matter what the task, Mary is there giving 100 percent.

Lisa Jensen
Wakefield Elementary School

Lisa Jensen is Superwoman! After 33 years at this site, she demonstrates strong skills, with a great knowledge of language development and a commitment to high standards and performance. Lisa is instrumental in supporting Wakefield’s English Learners while simultaneously building meaningful relationships in order to promote learning. She is a role model for our students, promoting character development and providing guidance. The
students and staff of Wakefield are thankful that Wakefield is the place she calls home.

Ben Liang
Maintenance Worker
Maintenance & Operations

Ben is a highly motivated, diligent employee who ensures that all our mechanical systems are working properly on a daily basis. What sets him apart from many, is his high level of energy, work ethic and commitment to TUSD. With nine years with the district, Ben is well respected, well liked, and upbeat, providing harmony to the department as a whole.

Rachel Lopez-Plant
Turlock Adult School

Rachel exemplifies good character and civility. Her professionalism and patience makes her an excellent role model not only to our students, but to the entire TUSD community. Rachel is a dedicated, knowledgeable person who consistently supports the students and staff while going the “extra mile” with a warm smile. She has experienced many changes during her 20 years here, always adapting with grace and respect.

Sarah Machado
Paraprofessional/Special Ed-Severe
District Office

Sarah has served as a paraprofessional, working at various sites for the past eleven years and is considered a critical player in the success of so many special needs students. She is always motivated, supportive and willing to invest in helping students and others. Her calm demeanor and passion to help others truly shows while performing her duties. Outside of TUSD, Sara is active in supporting Autism Speaks Awareness, the Police Activities League and Cal Fire, supporting burn victims and their families.

Carlos Martinez
Network Technician
Technology & Data Systems

Carlos is a valued member of our department with his ability to troubleshoot and problem solve in critical situations. His relationships with staff both in and outside of the department is always professional and thorough. Recently, Carlos created a mobile wireless solution for a pilot program at an elementary site including a detailed “how to” sheet to assist teachers in maintaining the additional equipment. His ability to address and correct technological issues within the district has made him an individual to be recognized, appreciated and respected.

Alicia Miranda
Health Technician
Osborn Two-Way Immersion Academy

For nearly four decades, Alicia has bandaged scrapes, and addressed a multitude of illnesses for the students of Osborn. Her professionalism and commitment are beyond reproach as she cares deeply for the Osborn school community. Alicia volunteers in many capacities including PTA, School Site Council and as a member of our Positive Behavior Leadership Team, while also being active in the community. Alicia is a valued leader and a strong advocate for the safety and well-being of students.

Marie Padilla
Paraprofessional/Special Ed-Non Severe
Julien Elementary School

Marie places our students’ academic and social needs at the forefront of everything she does. Her strong passion for helping students in need of academic intervention is a critical element of our Resource program. She has a pro-active attitude, strong professionalism, and immense compassion for our students. Marie defines “student centered” and sees her work as a mission to provide support and stability to her students. This trait continues outside TUSD in her commitment to help those less fortunate, allowing one to easily see how she is an “Employee Making a Difference.”

Kathy Prada
Administrative Assistant/H.S. Principal
Turlock High School

Although Kathy is new to the position of Administrative Assistant, this does not overshadow the integral and vital role of a smooth functioning environment she has held in our school. Having worked in the THS office since 1984, Kathy wears many hats, always keeping us on track. She is highly respected not only due to her extensive knowledge, but her willingness to listen, a strong work ethic and collaborative nature. In 30 years, many challenging technological changes have occurred and Kathy has been there as the “go to person” to assist our staff in navigating through the new terrain. To say Kathy is an exemplary employee would be an understatement; she is quite simply an invaluable and irreplaceable asset to our staff and school.

Wendy Smith
Lead Custodian
Cunningham Elementary School

Wendy is TUSD’s custodian extraordinaire, having worked at the site for the past fourteen years. She displays immense pride in Cunningham, maintaining the grounds to ensure safety, attractiveness and meeting the needs of the school community. Wendy takes the initiative to ensure repairs are made with great attention to detail with no task too small or insignificant. Her professionalism, positive student, staff and parent relations and amazing multifaceted skill set, make Wendy a true gift to Cunningham.

Dorothy Sward
Administrative Secretary I
Roselawn High School

Dorothy is a positive person who brings out the best in people. All who enter the Roselawn site are greeted with professionalism with all needs addressed efficiently. Dorothy’s organizational skills are above reproach enabling our school to function seamlessly. She is respected by our staff for her work ethic, communication, demeanor and character, all making her an outstanding role model for our school site. As the Principal’s “right hand,” her dependability and skills are invaluable, making her a treasured talent. 

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    Thanks goodness for such great employees! It’s nice to see the board recognize all these people!!

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