Road Trip Ends with Robbery Victim Chasing Down Suspect

Brandon McMillan/

A victim of a robbery chased down a male suspect to retrieve their property after the two drove from Sacramento to Turlock together over the weekend.

The suspect, Matthew Adams, 26, was ultimately arrested by Turlock police after midnight on Saturday.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, the pair met in Sacramento and the victim had agreed to drive Adams to Turlock after Adams promised gas money.

Once they arrived in Turlock, Adams had the victim pull over on the 2900 block of Colorado Avenue after midnight on Saturday.

At this time, Adams grabbed the victim’s purse and backpack and fled, according to Webb.

The victim chased Adams and caught him about 100 yards away, according to Webb. The victim was able to retrieve their purse and backpack, but Adams was still in possession of their iPod.

Officers later located Adams on the 1100 block of Penn Avenue and arrested the suspect for robbery. 

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  1. Guest says:

    The article repeatedly refers to the robbery victim’s possessions as “their” possessions. I think “their” should be replaced with “her”. Do I win a prize?

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