DUI Driver Collides into Telephone Pole

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A driver was arrested for a DUI after he crashed his vehicle into a telephone pole near the intersection of Linwood and Glenwood avenues on Wednesday.

Turlock police responded to the area around 12:20 a.m. on Wednesday after receiving report of the collision.

Officers contacted the driver, Shane Bristow, 33, and found that he had been driving under the influence.

Bristow was arrested and booked for DUI.

Injuries and additionally details of the collision were unavailable at the time of this report.

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  1. sooo confused says:
    Umm where is the intersection of Linwood and Glenwood... they run parallel to eachother and I dont think.they meet together anywhere... ??????? Maybe it was Golf rd an linwood Or glenwood or Lander and Linwood OR glenwood.. or one of the other roads that cross through from Linwood to Glenwood??? Idk but i di know linwood an glenwood do not run through eachother so it def didnt happen at the imaginary intersection of linwood and glenwood. Unless its somewhere far out in the boonies
  2. guest says:
    W Glenwood intersects W Linwood just west of the Linwood Highway 99 overcrossing (across from Ike's appliances).
  3. guest not geographiclasy challenged. says:
    The roads DO intersect. If you take W. Glenwood west off Lander from the Almond Tree, it curves to the north, just west of the overpass and dead ends at W. Linwood Ave. $.02
  4. thanks! says:
    Thanks to the first guest to respond not the smart ass at the bottom :) never bothered to read the name of that old torn up road. Never ventured down it but a few times! So thanks lettiing me know :)

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