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Turlock Police Officer Promoted to Sergeant

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

The Turlock Police Department held a swearing-in ceremony on Thursday to celebrate the promotion of Jesse Bawcum to the position of Sergeant.

Sgt. Bawcum has been with the Turlock Police Department since first being sworn in on Jan. 1, 2005 and has been a member of the SWAT team since March of 2007 and charter member of the Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team from February of 2009 to January of 2014.

“Up to this point he’s been a line level person in our department, but he’s always been a leader,” said Turlock Police Chief Rob Jackson. “He’s going to be able to take that leadership into an supervision role and I think we’re going to be better for it and our department is going to be very successful."

Bawcum has also been a field training officer and a part of the range staff since October 2007 and May 2008, respectively.

The new sergeant has also received several commendations throughout his career, including a Patrol Team Excellence award.

Bawcum was incredibly thankful to his family, the department, and God for his promotion.

“I am a sheepdog,” said Bawcum after reading a passage from a Dave Grossman book. “My hope is that as I follow the shepherd — the good shepherd — is that I can faithfully lead the other sheepdogs I’m working with.”

“You should be very proud of this guys,” said Jackson to Bawcum’s family. “I know we are.” 

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  1. Truth only! says:

    Dude knows how to trim trees but seargeant is a STRETCH!!

  2. Stretch? says:

    “Truth only!”, you seem to think that his name was pulled from a hat. Promotion in Turlock PD is not like normal workplaces. There is a written test covering subjects such as grammar, spelling, supervision, leadership priciples, laws and crime. Once that is passed, there is an assessment center that takes an entire day. There are several different panels in the assessment center the applicant must do, all of which are “judged” by a panel of 3-5 interviewers. The panels range from tactical planning to grant management to supervision of a problem employee. There is also an essay that must be completed during the day. The interviewers range from law enforcement members the rank of Lieutenant or higher, many civilians in management, and department heads from other governments. Each candidate is ranked by each panel, then an overall score is established. Once the ranking occurs, the candidates must meet with the Chief for a final interview. This is a competitive process with several highly qualified and capable officers all testing for a single sergeant position. So, to leave such a flippant comment about Sgt Bawcum’s promotion is completely ignorant and a detriment to the knowledge of the community. It also reeksvof jealousy and resentment. If you doubt the abilty of an assessment center to find the absolute most qualified person for a position, talk to your Human Resources department. Better yet, speak with any of the HR professors at the University. You will learn that while it is a time-consuming, exhaustive process, it ensures only the best leaders are chosen in your police department. Now THAT is the factually-based truth.

  3. Great... says:

    Now you gotta pay more for the same service. Thank you gubment

  4. Why wasn't this story covered? Playing favorites Brandon? says:

    Dear Readers:

    Here’s a story you WON’T see on TCN because it calls out new Mayor Sosieth’s political patronage. His largest donor, Matt Swanson, told him to put his “boy” Eric Gonsalves on the planning commission, along with Steve Hallum. That’s what our 30-year-old mayor thinks is “diversity”…maybe sosieth needs to go back to college and learn what diversity is…two white men?

    Read below…and more importantly, why didn’t TCN cover this? Brandon????

    (*edited by tcn)

  5. Did Sosieth really do that? says:

    So, in his first official business, Sosieth goes against city policies or protocol and puts his political cronies. How is that diverse? My family and I are trying to like this guy but Elvis Dias was doing a great job. Maybe he won’t do what sosieth and his “mentor” Andre tell him to do. Or would that be Santos or Swanson? Who pulls Sosieth’s strings, it’s obviously not the guy who knocked on my door four times trying to get me to vote for him.

  6. Elvis Dias for Mayor says:

    I don’t need to say anything else. I agree, Sosieth is a trophy kid on crack. He embellishes about all of his “accomplishments”, tell people he was deployed to Afghanistan with the US Food & Ag Dept. how does that work? What about lying about his personal life. It’s embarrassing.

  7. guest says:

    That is a very defensive response and transparent that you are a cop. Here’s how i know 100 percent your a cop the word “flippant” is cop word only person i have ever heard use that word is a cop. if you are to argue with a cop his response are you being flippant. All the first commenter was saying is turlock cops are horrible ever time i have ever been stop was for supposedly rolling stop signs. You know how many tickets i got? none because i didn’t roll the stop sign. I even had a turlock pd ask me what my keys where for?really? What do you think they are for?

  8. TurlockCityNews.com says:

    Responding to the “Why wasn’t this story covered?” comment:

    We had to edit out an entire Turlock Journal story you copy/pasted in our comments. Next time just include the link so they get the website traffic from our site.

    And to clarify, we did cover the story about the Turlock Planning Commission appointments you were concerned about, and in much more detail than any other media:
    “Mayor Appoints New Members to Planning Commission, Local Committees”

    The Turlock Journal article (we’ll include the link for you and others) just threw your concern in under this title:
    “Council delays zoning ordinance overhaul”

    Thanks for pointing this out though and glad we can say we covered your concern more thoroughly than the other media companies.

    – TurlockCityNews.com

  9. oodi says:

    My 88 year old mother uses the term “flippant” and she was never a cop.

  10. Not flippant says:

    My high school English teacher used the word flippant. He was a pot-smoking hippie who hated cops. In fact there’s dozens of examples of the use of the word “flippant” in modern literature and used far more often than many of its synonyms-like “glib” or “cheeky”. Now “sassy” is used more often, but it doesn’t have the same impact the author was seeking. Try reading a book instead rolling stop signs, Sherlock.

  11. K.Briggs says:

    To get back on track, I am proud of Jesse Bawcum and his promotion to the rank of Sergeant. He is a good and Godly man who serve the City of Turlock and its citizens with dignity and respect! I wish him well and I am thankful for his unbridled integrity and his ability to help guide Turlock Police Department to greater heights.

  12. guest says:

    To 88 year old grandmother. Maybe the elderly say it to but i highly doubt your 88year old grandmother or any other elderly person wrote the long defensive comment.

  13. Why? says:

    Why are all the chamber of commerce members and politicians against this website? This is the only news source that keeps me informed. I can see why the local newspapers hate this website for taking over their business but why would anyone else be opposed to this free news website? I’m just an average citizen asking because I see so many comments but mostly they’re all anonymous. On Facebook most people love this website.

  14. Congratulations Jesse! says:

    Very well deserved promotion, thank you for keeping us safe!

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