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Turlock City News

Around Turlock – February 3

Courtesy of Theo Lolonis/TurlockCityNews.com

For many, bumper stickers can be an expression of one’s humor, pride of a child’s accomplishment, or political beliefs.

Pictured is a bumper sticker slapped on the back of a service truck driving through Turlock.

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  1. And that's the truth says:

    That’s the damn truth. Work harder so Obama can find more ways to give it away…..to the lazy.

  2. Randall says:

    I bet the last guy commenting is either illegal or on disability. You ever hear of life situations? What if your 18 year old daughter (seeing if a man or woman would want to procreate with an ignorant person like you) got pregnant and her baby daddy left her?? Would you want to support her and the baby, or let a fraction of your measly tax deduction help her get going on her own and help her take care of your new grandchild. If used correctly, welfare was created to help the average to low income American have a way to get through tough times. Just because some bad apples have taken advantage of the situation (starting with illegals that use welfare on one form of identity, and then use another form to work as a field worker), doesn’t mean we should judge the system as a whole. In my opinion, the illegal aliens have destroyed the welfare system, so if anyone is lazy it would be them. If they can work so hard for so little, then stay in Mexico and cook up some more Meth to decay this valley with.

  3. peace says:


    You should really gather your thoughts and proof before you slam people with nonsense. The high percentage welfare ethnicity in CA is actually “White” not Hispanic. Believe it or not, Whites also rank number one on the Welfare Statistics in the US for 2012 and 2013. So maybe our Mexican friends need to be cut a lil slack, after all they are still working at low wages to make a living. Spread love not Hate

  4. Guest says:

    When all else fails blame the Mexicans. IT SEEMS TO WORK EVERY TIME!!!!!

  5. IgnoranceisBliss says:

    Funny how you like to blame the illegals when they provide the labor needed for all these big ranchers in the valley. Why no hate towards the ranchers and farmers that hire them. The Mexican immigrant population isn’t coming on a whim, they know there’s work here because all these farmers will hire them.

    Maybe it’s time for these farmers to be held accountable as well. It’s simple supply and demand, if there weren’t a demand for illegal workers they wouldn’t be here.

  6. re; Randall says:

    The problem is Randall is that all of these little girls are getting knocked up left and right by multiple “dadides” and neither one of them know how to be parents.
    And “a fraction of my measly tax deduction ” times millions of hard working people should not go towards supporting your 18 year old daughters bastard child.
    Then you have wic, section 8, benefits going to people that have not worked a day in their life.
    But that is the way that some people were brought up, no pride.
    Keep your legs closed if you can’t support your actions.
    Talk to any employee at the welfare department or the housing authority and they will tell you
    about the rampant fraud. They are both broken system and Obama and all the democrats want to hand out more.

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