Around Turlock – February 8

Brandon McMillan/

While there may not be a bowling alley for kids to spend their time, there are still many youth sports and recreation programs around Turlock.

Sign-ups for the Spring Wood Bat League and Arm and Body Conditioning at the Backyard Sports Academy, as well as sign-ups Turlock Youth Cheerleading, are currently ongoing.

More information on other youth and teens recreation programs can be found at the City of Turlock’s website.

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  1. Turlock Native says:
    Brandon you said "there are many youth recreational programs around Turlock" but yet you only named one. Your an IDIOT!!!!!!!!!! A bowling alley would be good for the youth and adults. Its a shame they demolished The Gardens and didn't replace it with a new up to date one.
  2. A Literate Turlock Native says:

    Thank you for mentioning TWO programs, as well as providing a link to many more, but we'd all still love something that the entire family can do together.

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