Suspect Breaks Into School to Use Computer

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A male suspect was arrested, but didn’t get detention, after breaking into a school to use a computer on Sunday afternoon.

Hector Vasquez, 22, was arrested for burglary.

Turlock police responded to Turlock Junior High School at approximately 1:45 p.m. after an IT tech reported the burglary.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, Vasquez entered a classroom and was trying to gain access to unauthorized sites on the computer.

It is unknown what sites Vasquez was attempting to access, but they were blocked, said Webb.

An IT tech happened to be working when Vasquez was attempting to access the sites. When attempting to access the sites, a notification with the option to request IT for access.

Webb said Vasquez must have selected that option, notifying the tech.

The tech went to the classroom believing there was an error, but heard the alarm and called the Turlock Police Department.

Officers arrived and arrested Vasquez. 

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  2. Juan Pablo says:

    What story about animal abuse?

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