Council to Discuss Future of Turlock Roads

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The Turlock City Council will hold a special meeting on Tuesday to discuss roadways, interchanges, and corridors in Turlock.

Council will receive an update from staff on the future of the City of Turlock’s transportation network, including interchanges, corridors, and the surface conditions of existing streets.

Turlock City Council will also consider and discuss the various long-term options for funding street maintenance.

In 2013, Nichols Consulting Engineers surveyed the entire street network and found that Turlock roads were “at risk.”

Using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI), a scale from 0 to 100, they determined that Turlock roads were at 67 PCI — making them at risk. Failed roads score 0 to 24 PCI; poor roads score 25 to 49; at risk roads score 50 to 69; and good to excellent roads score 70 to 100.

According to the survey, 54 percent of Turlock roads were “good to excellent,” with 23 percent being “at risk,” 20 percent “poor,” and 3 percent “failed.”

Compared to surrounding cities — which includes Modesto, Hughson, Ceres, Patterson, Waterford, Newman, Oakdale, and Riverbank — Turlock has the second worst roads, behind only Modesto (63 PCI); Hughson had the best roads (82 PCI).

The main issue with the decay of Turlock roads has been funding. Current funding for roads exists only through assessment districts (maintenance only), Regional Surface Transportation Program, Gas Tax, and the $50,000 from the General Fund.

However, the Gas Tax is declining, according to staff, due to more fuel efficient vehicles. Staff estimates that the Gas Tax in 2014-15 will generate $737,513, but will drop to $353,131 in 2015-16.

According to staff, with current funding, approximately $1.25 million per year, roads will be at a PCI of 61 in five year and 33 in 20 years. The deferred maintenance would also greatly increase if funding continues at current rates.

A proposed half-cent sales tax, that was estimated to generate approximately $5 million per year for roads, was placed on the November 2014 ballot, however Turlock voters did not approve the tax. Funding of approximately $6.25 million per year would benefit Turlock roads in the immediate future, but in 20 years Turlock would be in the same place as it is now.

It is estimated that it would cost $11.4 million per year over the next 20 years to get Turlock to a PCI of 80 and maintain it.

One member of Council who said he could not support the half-cent sales tax was Mayor Gary Soiseth. Soiseth has been in favor of a countywide tax to benefit roads.

“I was critical of the proposed sales tax increase on the city-level, largely because I believe Turlock’s transportation needs—whether they be local roadways, highway interchanges, or regional corridors—are best addressed through regional solutions,” said Soiseth during his State of the City address.

Soiseth has appointed himself to the Stanislaus Council of Government (StanCOG) in order to push a county tax that benefits Turlock.

Although estimated revenue for Turlock roads in a countywide tax are not yet available, it is clear that the City of Turlock needs funding to better local roads.

Turlock City Council will meet at 6 p.m. on Tuesday in the Yosemite Room of City Hall, 156 S. Broadway. 

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  1. no more taxes says:
    no more taxes
  2. The KID Tax says:
    Here comes The KID of Turlock!

    Gary Soiseth didn't support measure B road tax because it was John Lazar's idea that Mike Brem backed first as an intelligent solution.

    Now The KID has a brilliant new idea!! A county tax AKA The KID Tax!!
  3. Give him a chance says:
    Haters will be haters.
  4. K. Briggs says:
    Mayor Soiseth DID support a ballot measure for better roads in the City of Turlock but wanted specific wording with transparent accountability regarding Measure B to better protect the citizens of Turlock tax dollars.
  5. Flip flop Soiseth says:
    Soiseth was so flip flop on measure b that nobody knows if he supported it or opposed it. He doesn't even know.

    Will Fransen oppose Soiseth's road tax like all the other taxes or is he saying yes to everything Soiseth wants to spite Lazar?
  6. Move on says:
    Hey, Lazar is old news, move on people.
  7. Lazar legacy Soiseth to follow says:
    Lazar's legacy will be how he always kept saying roads are so important and needed to be fixed but that he never made any decision to fix them. He just kept asking for more taxes. Curt Andre also ignored the issue for 16 years so he's to blame as well. Now the New Kid is starting off wanting to lead his own campaign to tax. He's the same as the others. He's a politician. Where is Stanislaus County Supervisor Vito Chiesa in all this? Why isn't Stanislaus County getting its fair share of taxes collected in gas purchases? He's letting Assemblywoman Kristin Olsen keep it for Republican play money in Sacramento.
  8. says:
    90 Facebook comments on the issue of road repair and funding:
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    Larry Parkinson I'm in favor of rooting out waste and pork city, state, and federal. There is plenty of money if it is spent right!
    Like · Reply · 8 · February 16 at 5:58pm
    Darrell Thompson How about using the money they already get from us? What about all the fuel tax the county gets? The problem isn't a lack of money. The problem is misappropriation of funds, and way too much waste.
    Like · Reply · 13 · February 16 at 6:06pm
    Stephanie Gonzalez Spent zero until last year huh? And then they stupidly approved a $250k contract on stupid maps and brochures (thank goodness they reneged on that). I think we know where the waste of money is and where the money could be gathered from. Y'know if they actually DID THEIR JOBS instead of wanting to tax the people to death.mwe already voted NO on this road tax measure. Do they not learn?
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 6:06pm
    Doug Leung So....what did they spend the general fund on? U already stated they have not spent any until last year and it was a measles sum of 50,000.00. Now our roads are failing......and it still does not seem like they are spending much to do anything......let...See More
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 6:08pm
    Craig Dunham They should have thought about how much it would cost to maintain current roads before adding more houses and business' to the city years ago. Come on man...
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 6:17pm
    Joe Lema We already pay road taxes at the fuel island read what all taxes come out of the fuel pricing why should we pay more for people to miss manage funds even more just saying
    Like · Reply · 6 · February 16 at 6:20pm
    Teri Bieser del Pozzo All I can say is that there's a lot of roads in Turlock that need to be fixed
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 6:22pm
    Anita McClintock Stinson No I wouldn't support MORE TAXES... If the city used what they get to do what their supposed to be for we wouldn't have an issue. Instead they thought it was better to give millions of dollars to their city lawyer and head of the city councilmen instead.
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 6:25pm
    Cari Hellrigel I'm for them fixing the roads if its done correctly and not just patched they will have to fix it again a less than year later. I'm tired of them fixing roads that don't need to be fixed
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 6:25pm
    Chilito Valenzuela You mean fixing sidewall gashers like this....?.... or does that fall under landscaping problem.
    Chilito Valenzuela's photo.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 6:26pm
    Barbara Bayless It's about time Turlock fixes their roads I'm in my Wheelchair and at times it isn't very pleasant to ride on a terrible broken road. Please fix Turlock Thank you
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 6:27pm
    Sheri Yagi Seriously, I live off Daubenberger and they have paved our roads twice and they did not need them, there are many streets that are bad, I'm afraid to drove on some. I guess it keeps our friends Balswick Tires in business. Curious how many residence use...See More
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 6:32pm
    Sue Razwick This is such a joke all the city council knows how to do is talk about it then spend no money!!!! What have they spent 50.000 on filling the pot holes which by the way who ever does that does a piss poor job of it !!!
    Like · Reply · 7 · February 16 at 6:33pm
    Cari Hellrigel But I am not for paying more taxes what about all that money saved up from not fixing the roads
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 6:35pm
    Sara Youhanaei Why don't they fix the way they (the council) spends the money before you sit there and continue to discuss a road tax? why don't you use the money you already have. It's a wonder we, the people of turlock have lost faith in the city. We have a council that doesn't listen to us.
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 6:40pm
    Lorena Alvarez-Burkett How about I already pay a lot of taxes and how about cutting the pay of people that make more than they should
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 6:44pm
    Loraine Hoffman why are the funds that we pay in taxes for roads already not paying for these repairs NO MORE TAXES!!!! we are taxed out use wisely what u have already you are breaking our backs already
    Like · Reply · 7 · February 16 at 6:46pm
    Larry Velasquez Always talk but no action.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 6:47pm
    Joyce Beason NO!!!!!
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 7:08pm
    Cheri Cushing Starkey We already pay road more money!
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 7:12pm
    Kenneth Rosenberg Always the same more tax when are you going to get it we are tired of paying more where's the money from gas tax that's suppose to pay for roads
    Like · Reply · 6 · February 16 at 7:12pm
    Scott Stratton We all pay enough taxes already ! Just fix the damn roads !
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 7:12pm
    Austin Beasley Shit with all the money I have to spend to fix my suspension cuz of these roads I'd be more than happy to pay a little more in taxes as long as they fix the roads that really need it, like all the streets on the west side are shit and I never see anyone touch them
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 7:15pm
    Erlinda Ewing it would be nice if they use that money where they're suppose to!! and the roads need to be fixed big time
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 7:17pm
    Linda Livingston So, if the city has spent, essentially, zero dollars on this, in spite of the gas tax monies received, we should pay yet more?! The roads aren't even being maintained or patched! Surely the gas tax would cover that. Driving down Golden State I am in fe...See More
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 7:25pm · Edited
    Delinda De La Cruz I bet there is a lot of grants that if the city would apply for them they could get. The home owners in Turlock already have to pick up the city's job of fixing sidewalks, taking care of city trees on curbs, cleaning out street drains that flood etc. t...See More
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 7:20pm
    H-e Window Tinting 11 million per year???? I need to start a paving business, from the sound of it, someone's wallet will be filled really well in the council.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 7:30pm
    Kathy Nightingale-Poteat The County would take it all if it were a County Tax and feed their money pit called an alternative route around Oakdale.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 7:35pm
    Brian DeRhen Obligatory anti-tax comment, because it's not repetitive or anything.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 7:37pm
    Marty Mann No I will not it will not go roads
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 7:46pm
    Tony Liston Why are we even talking about this? We have a road tax. How about cut the unnecessary expenses. I was having a hard time paying my bills so guess what I did? I cut off my tv, cut my cell phone bill, and sold a car which saved me on insurance. It's call...See More
    Like · Reply · 9 · February 16 at 7:48pm
    Joel R Pace I would. Support it If the work is done by City of Turlock employees rather than outside contracts. Keep Turlocks money in Turlock.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 7:57pm
    Ryan Ashoury Show me the construction crews ready to work then I'll pay extra tax how about that???!!
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 8:03pm
    Marilyn-Bob LaFollette Tucker No new tax. Maby they should have thought of the roads before they give the raises.
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 8:17pm
    David Babadalir The roads need to get worse in order for the people running Turlock to realize they need to balance the checkbook. They already get enough in taxes from the tires sold and gas pumped. Where did it all go?
    Like · Reply · 3 · February 16 at 8:48pm
    Marina Ruano O for Alpha rd turlock
    Marina Ruano's photo.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 9:10pm
    Michael Rojas Jr. Are you effing kidding? The city of turlock had a quarter million dollars of "miracle money" and SQUANDERED it chasing tourist fairies and unicorns and the flushing of that toilet was heard citywide.Why should anyone believe city or county is going to ...See More
    Like · Reply · 5 · February 16 at 9:12pm
    Marina Ruano This is turlock
    Marina Ruano's photo.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 9:14pm
    Marina Ruano alpha rd turlock
    Marina Ruano's photo.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 9:18pm
    Bryan Greene I heard it cost a million dollars to put that light in at Colorado and Monte Vista and it's still a two lane road down that part of Monte Vista. The planning department of Turlock is in the Stone Age.
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 9:19pm
    Marina Ruano
    Marina Ruano's photo.
    Like · Reply · February 16 at 9:20pm
    Ernesto Villegas Contreras Why dont they fix the messed up streets and stop lights instead of fixing the damn rite aid and big five shopping center parking lots.
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 9:33pm
    James Blumenstein My property tax just doubled in the last 6 months..Friday I got a notice on my door the city of Turlock will give me 10 days to install new curb and gutter and new side walk.[we put in a new sidewalk 3 years ago and had the trees trimed .Most towns th...See More
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 9:37pm
    James Blumenstein A war veteran that got his testicles blown off in the gulf war started working for the city of Turlock..His boss told him he could come in late because the first couple hours they just sat around scratching their Balls...
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 9:44pm
    Wil Mathews So how do "we the people" address this ... so that the city will hear us... I am sure that they do not read our comments on facebook...???
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 10:11pm
    David Robert Smith Road repairs can be very expensive when you ignore the annual need to keep things in good condition. The country-wide 1/2 cent tax is OK with me. The lengthy term to bring roads up to snuff is not. We need a 5-year plan to git 'er done.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 10:14pm
    Nathan Simpson There's a new Mayor and some new counsel members. They're already starting off as crooks. There are too many city employees and that's only part of the budget mismanagement. You'd think people would wake up. I guess being involved in local government isn't a job anymore it's a racket.
    Like · Reply · 2 · February 16 at 10:26pm
    Kimberly Williams Lamarre #NO
    Like · Reply · 1 · February 16 at 11:02pm
    Roger Liston No we have enough taxes. Cut the budget
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 11:15pm
    Roger Liston Are you out of your minds? No new taxes
    Like · Reply · 4 · February 16 at 11:17pm
    Sandie Sing Since people do not want new taxes, then we must prioritize the needs we want for our town. We will have to cut and trim.
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 12:41am
    Maria Carmen Leiva-Ikari It needs to be done!!! The roads are terrible. It got rated a D...Something needs to be done. The news is showing it. Do we want to be the city known as messed up roads. Let's get a solution going tomorrow
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 12:44am · Edited
    Alan McCord instead of one guy working and 3 guys standing around watching him. Let's have those three guys working aswell.
    Like · Reply · 6 · Yesterday at 5:43am · Edited
    Cheryl Cranefield Weber I'm not excited about the thought of new taxes. We always hear that the only way to fund these projects is to raise taxes. Maybe the city finance office needs to show the community how they are trimming wasteful spending first. Our new mayor just go...See More
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 6:11am
    Jovan Caviglia I have worked on the HORRIBLE road of First street for over 14 years, it has cost me $ in damaged car suspension, our clients have to drive on the worst road just the get to us. Talk about horrible curb appeal!Yet the street has never been repaved, but...See More
    Like · Reply · 5 · Yesterday at 6:57am · Edited
    Tammy Avant Hmmm.. well I'm pretty sure that we already have a Rd tax. Why in the world would we need to be taxed again for this?
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 7:24am
    Joseph Esquivel No
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 7:40am
    Gerry Grossman Want to know who the politians are beholden to? Check and see who backed their campaigns. As always, follow the money.
    Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 7:40am
    Faith Sunde They need to spend the money they have already taken in taxes for roads...on roads.
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 7:44am
    Paul Kelly Hmm....ever looked at the amount of money the school system is holding you up for? How about you get those teachers out and teach them to repave the roads. At least that would be productive work people would want.
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 7:45am

    Kayla Tabaldi That is the most ignorant thing I've read all day. Doesn't surprise me though. This is Turlock after all.
    Like · Yesterday at 8:19am

    Paul Kelly So, you like your teachers? That's good to read When I lived in Sacramento, I drank in the kool-aid those teachers spooned out and then had to spend a decade learning the truth, something I had not learned in school. I'm quite overjoyed to learn that, ...See More
    Like · Yesterday at 8:21am
    Write a reply...

    Kayla Tabaldi Yes! New roads and add bike lanes! Whatever it takes.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:19am
    Tanya J. White Let me get this right....they want to tax us more, so they can fix the roads that they didn't maintain. As usual they threaten to cut services yet they have money to promote the city. Maybe we could make the sidewalks bigger and eliminate parking downtown to save money for road repairs. Rory
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:20am
    Red Epidermis Bout time
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:45am
    Kathryn Lundrigan I'm not that up on Turlock government since I haven't even lived here a year but I am up on the horrible conditions of our roads! I'm not sure what it's going to take to get them fixed, but they need to be because some of these potholes can actually do serious damage!
    They city should be ashamed of itself for letting them get into this state of disrepair!
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 8:45am
    Red Epidermis Vistor center, new police headquarters but tax more seem legit
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 8:46am
    Zack Mcsweeney No....I don't think our roads are that bad....I think the tax should be voluntary… If you care about the roads… Pay for them… If you don't… Then don't pay for them
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 8:54am
    Larry Velasquez Glad my truck is four wheel drive. You need it in Turlock
    Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 8:55am
    Catherine Myers
    Catherine Myers's photo.
    Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 8:57am
    Melly Vas Stupid first of all stop fixing roads that are perfectly fine and fix the ones that are actually messed up common sense!
    Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 9:43am
    Alexis Dawn Nolan YES please do fix some of these really messed up roads here in Turlock! especially W. Canal!
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 9:47am
    Pat Harrison No more taxes...reconfigure the funds you already have. We have all had to revise our budgrts, reduce our spending and give up some of our past pleasures. You have to do the same!!!
    Like · Reply · 4 · Yesterday at 10:17am
    Steven Bosma The whole county was left in shambles with shoddy patch jobs no thanks to Ray Simon and Jim DeMarini and their clan..
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 10:28am
    Aziz de la Torre They need to see hackeye and geer Because they are major roads and. They are absolutely in bad shape
    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 10:55am
    Dominique Leyva NO TO ALL TAXES! Let the government learn to budget. Stay out of our pockets. Every time they pass a school tax of any sort they still cancel programs for schools.
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 11:42am
    Burt Baucom Maybe the city should have spent money on street renovation instead of the stupid speed bumps and round-a-bouts on toulumne and minasota aves...not to mention all the landscaping in the middle of north goldenstate bl..our city needs a change of decission makers!
    Like · Reply · 3 · 23 hours ago
    Ric Gomez Here's an idea. How about we go back to volunteer firefighters? There's a reason why the firehouses and fire trucks are so clean... And no to the tax!!!
    Like · Reply · 1 · 22 hours ago
    Memo Delatorre We pay tags on our cars that portion go's to maintaining the roads where is it going
    Like · Reply · 22 hours ago
    Robert Gutierrez We already pay for roads service and repair. It's the politicians who miss manage the money and expect us to pull them out of the hole with more taxes. It a bunch of BS
    Like · Reply · 22 hours ago
    Shane Singh You know they ain't going to do shit the road on by Walgreen's and Donnelly Park has been messed up for I don't know about three four years, ever since I've been living there and it's never been fixed up.
    Like · Reply · 1 · 21 hours ago The City of Turlock and all Turlock City Councilmembers have been emailed all of your comments and requested that they acknowledge them as public comment at tonight's workshop. Thanks for all your comments of concern and suggestions.
    Like · Reply · Commented on by · 21 hours ago Questions were also emailed that should be asked to City Staff, since none were in the presentation to be given to the Turlock City Council:
    How did roads get neglected by lack of funding sources?
    When did this happen?...See More
    Like · Reply · Commented on by · 21 hours ago
    Norma Quiroz No
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago
    Scott McKee I used to live off Countryside by all the new business and they repaved that area twice in a 5 year span. It would be nice to see the city spread this out more.
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago
    Wiinnie Davis Is this another example of money allocated for one purpose (roads) being siphoned off and spent on other, perhaps frivolous, things?
    Like · Reply · 20 hours ago
    Walt Smith i would rather get rid of the tweakers first please...
    Like · Reply · 19 hours ago
    Kimberly Williams Lamarre #NO
    Like · Reply · 17 hours ago
    Joey Greenleaves Asking for more taxes seems like a bail out to me,was this the first idea they came up with or were there others before they settled on this ingenius of an idea smh
    Like · Reply · 17 hours ago
    Melody K Styles NO MORE TAXES!!!
    Like · Reply · 38 minutes ago
  9. Guest says:
    First revisit the city manager and city attorney contracts. Too much money being paid to management for the ciry tax revenue. Stop paving alley ways that were never ever paved with sewer fees. There are sewer lines under the roads maybe use sewer fee for roads instead of alley ways.
  10. "The Kid" can't keep his own story straight says:
    What a waste of time. Measure B would have supported road "maintenance", which is what the 67 rating is about. A countywide ballot measure is about "new" projects. How many tcn readers understand that. This website does such a disservice to anyone who is trying to make Turlock better. Idea, Sosieth start donating your 1,000 stipend to fix the potholes, YOU told my neighbor not to vote for it, now YOU figure out how to maintain/fix our roads. The comment about blaming Andre, Soseith's boy toy is right on.
  11. We blame Sosieth for the not supporting Measure B says:
    It's plain and simple, especially for the Facebook fans who STILL do not understand how road funding works or what Measure B would have done. Soseith did not support the Turlock only road tax and made up all kinds of silly reasons why. I equate that to lying. I blame Sosieth for our roads still being crappy and not supporting the tax.

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