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Hit and Run Witness Chases Down, Trips Fleeing Suspect

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

A witness to a hit and run early on Sunday morning was able to chase and trip the suspect allowing officers to arrest the drunk driver.

Joseph Navarro, 33, was arrested for drunk driving and hit and run.

Navarro was driving on 1000 block of Alpha Road around 1:15 a.m. when he was involved in a non-injury collision.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, Navarro collided with a parked vehicle. Following the collision, Navarro attempted to run from the scene.

However, a witness observed the incident and chased down Navarro, according to the police report. The witness was able to trip the suspect and prevent him from getting away.

Turlock police then arrived on scene and took Navarro into custody.

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  1. don says:

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  3. Glenn says:

    I agree…Don=Douche Bag!

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