Turlock Man Arrested on Juvenile Molestation Charges

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

Turlock police arrested a male suspect on Tuesday morning for the alleged sexual molestation of a minor, but police believe there may be more victims who have not come forward.

Elton “Buzz” Kelley, 61, of Turlock, was arrested and booked for lewd acts with a minor, sodomy of a minor where victim is prevented from resisting by an intoxicating or anesthetic substance, oral copulation of a minor prevented from resisting by an intoxicating or anesthetic substance, harmful matter sent with intent to seduce a minor, unlawfully maintaining a place for sale or use of controlled substances.

Kelley was taken into custody by Turlock Police Department Investigations Unit on Tuesday morning after serving a search warrant on the 400 block of Sue Street.

Turlock police served the search warrant as part of an ongoing investigation into allegation of juvenile molestation that dates back to last year.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis, the allegations were reported in December of 2014 by one victim.

However, during the course of investigation, information was obtained which has led investigators to believe there may be other victims who have not come forward.

Kelley is currently in custody in the Stanislaus County Jail on $100,000 bail.

Anyone with information regarding this investigation is urged to contact Detective Timothy Redd 209-664-7325.

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  1. Glenn says:

    RIP Buzz!

  2. Veridicus says:

    One tends to wonder how such relationships could go on for years without the “victim” telling someone. Although the law denies minors the right to “legal consent,” perhaps there was simple willingness?

    Much of what is commonly believed about pedophilia/child sex abuse is based on the presumption that all child/older person sexually expressed relationships are intrinsically pervasively harmful. But is this supposed harm intrinsic to the interaction, or does it instead result from the social hysteria that occurs when such a relationship is discovered? There are no legitimate data supporting intrinsic harmfulness, and no credible pathway or mechanism for such harm has been demonstrated. For further discussion, see http://www.shfri.net/mech/mech.cgi

    There are indeed some people who trick or force children into unwanted sexual interactions. But there are vast differences between consensual sexually expressed child/older person relationships and unilateral “child sexual abuse” by an older person. For a scientific journal discussion of these distinctions as they apply to boys, go to http://www.boyandro.info

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