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Council Approves New Bus Advertising Contract, Revenues to Buy Bus Passes for Charities

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

Turlock City Council unanimously approved a three-year contract for advertising on buses, with revenues going toward bus passes for charitable organizations.

The City of Turlock has contracted Alan Seaton Consulting Services to sell and maintaining advertisement on Turlock’s “Blast” and “Dart” buses, with $500 of the sales going to the City, since 1998.

However, last year, at Councilmember Amy Bublak’s request, City staff reviewed the process of the advertising service. On Oct. 24, 2014, the City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the advertising services, which returned proposals from two companies.

Stott Outdoor Advertising, of Chico, and Alan Seaton, submitted proposals for the advertising services. Stott was deemed to best meeting the needs of the RFP.

As part of the agreed three-year contract, Stott will give the City of Turlock at least $3,000 per month for the first year of the three-year contract, and $4,200 per month the following two years.

That money goes toward purchasing bus passes for local charitable organizations. The City will distribute bus passes to We Care, United Samaritan Foundation, Turlock Gospel Mission, Children’s Crisis Center, Haven Women’s Center, Salvation Army – Turlock, and Turlock Unified School District.

“The revenue in the form of tickets benefits the City in two ways,” said Pitcock. “First, tickets can be distributed to charitable organizations, helping those that need help to enhance their mobility throughout the community. And second, the ticket purchased helps the City with what’s called our farebox ratio.”

The farebox ratio is the amount of money that comes in from ticket sales versus the total operating costs for the bus system. Currently, the farebox ratio for Blast is 15 percent and 10 percent for the Dart.

However, with current Stanislaus County population, Pitcock said the farebox will increase to 20 percent in 2016.

“One of the reasons for this doing that is if we do not meet the 20 percent farebox ratio, it is incumbent upon the City to find other means to meet that, which would probably be the general fund,” said Pitcock.

Councilmember Bill DeHart asked if it would have been possible to use decisions, such as the Chamber of Commerce contract for the Convention and Visitors Bureau, as leverage to get even more revenue, however when discussing the advertising services contract, the CVB contract was not in the discussion.

“I think there’s more to come, but for now there’s an increase,” said Bublak. “We’re trying to keep it more accountable, and trying to get more marketing out there — opportunities for other people to put in — and from that I think it was a good turnaround. I think there’s going to be more things that come this way and I look forward to it.

In addition to changing the contract for bus advertising, the City will also be reviewing the sign ordinance and possibly opening up advertising on bus stops and benches. That conversation, however, will not happen until most likely summertime.

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  1. Guest From Downtown says:

    Another one of Sharon Silva’s lackeys is shown the door. She’s lost control of the chamber board, and it’s evidently chaos down there. Firings and resignations up and down the line. Time for Silva to be shown the door, as well.

  2. What a Joke says:

    Does anyone listen to Bublak? She makes no sense. No one calls her but Mark Hall and Matt Swanson, she listens to her gives her money, I heard she’s going to run for Sheriff next.

  3. Silva Knows What She is Doing, Fransen is the moron says:

    Gosh when will the 3 posers stop attacking Sharon Silva, jealous Fransen, it’s obvious. You will never be successful like her or John Lazar. Be honest with who you are and what you do, let people know, then see who advertises on this website. Once businesses know what you’ve done to people, you will fade away. Tell your secrets! Or we will!

  4. Did Bublak get fired? says:

    That’s what I heard, she’s no longer a police officer.

  5. Joe B says:

    Why is the city using revenues (by force from outside influences) from this contract to provide tickets to charities? Our system CANNOT be self sustaining without it. I’m all for distributing anything above what it costs to run the system, but to give money away before covering all costs is a problem.

  6. Guest says:

    Hey Dip (*edited by tcn), Just because Amy doesn’t work as a police officer anymore, doesn’t mean she got fired. Maybe she retired. Are you trying to stir the pot and create un-needed gossip?

  7. I say she was fired, says:

    How many times did Bublak take the Sargeant’s test. Talk to some Motown cops and see what they say. The truth shall set you free.

  8. Guest says:

    For those that can’t correctly spell sergeant. You may use Sgt.

  9. No one can spell on this website, have you tried to read it? says:

    So did Bublak pass the test or not?

  10. Wanted: high school dropout says:

    Want Ad: high school dropout, used to cell drugs to high school students, to run the CVB for the kid mayor. Invovled in the Centennial waste of money, pretends to care about roads and local govt. but only likes to stir the pot.

  11. Guest says:

    [u]Consider having a permanent topic “Council Watch” locked on the op row to comment on Council activities that don’t necessarily follow specific topics. Interesting commentary sometimes gets lost under otherwise mundane topics.[/u]

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