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Julien Elementary Plants Trees for Go Green Week

Courtesy of Julien Elementary School

Last week, the City of Turlock, in partnership with the Turlock Unified School District, celebrated Go Green Week to help teach local students about the importance conservation and pollution prevention.

Now in its eighth year, Go Green Week has approximately 11,400 student and faculty participants in grades K-12 at all TUSD campuses.

One such campus that participated was Julien Elementary School, who participated in a tree planting activity on March 17.

The City of Turlock sent four representatives to teach 120 sixth-graders the importance of trees and how to care for trees.

Students helped dig the holes, bury the roots, and install poles to stabilize the newly planted trees.

During the week, students also organized recycling center stations, had a ladybug release, and received a visit from the Gro Green mascot. 

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  1. Guest says:

    This is nice. Hey can you bond paying turlock citizens get an update on the girls gym and what is happening to it? Rumors the district have screwed this up so bad it may be demolished. Never again will I vote for bonds or a road tax. Excellent spending board members.

  2. Guest says:

    How much for the netting to be placed at the baseball and softball field? Due to poor design

  3. Guest says:

    How much for the remodel of the bus sheds and new parking along Colorado avenue due to the pavement of the new tennis courts and the loss of parking?

  4. Guest says:

    DaMarto screwed up everything Gibson campaigned for to get that bond money approved. Don’t let the door your XXX on the way out.

  5. Guest says:

    Remember this as a voter. If Prop 30 doesn’t pass school employees teacher support staff were to be laid off. Voter vote to tax themselves to prevent this from happening only for TUSD board of directors to give a 22 percent pay raise. The city of Turlock can thank the TUSD board of directors for never getting a road tax passed.

  6. John Marshall says:

    Good job on planting the trees, but how the hell are they going to get watered and survive when the state has no water? Just a thought!!!

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