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Turlock Police Captain Nielsen Selected as Next Police Chief in Centralia, Washington

Courtesy of City of Centralia

The Centralia, Wash. City Manager Rob Hill announced Friday that Turlock Police Captain Carl Nielsen has been selected as the next Chief of Police for the Centralia Police Department.

Nielsen, who joined the Turlock Police Department as a lieutenant in 2007, has accepted the position in Centralia and will begin May 18.

“We are very excited to have Carl as our new Chief, all indications are he is an outstanding individual and officer,” said Hill in an email.

Nielsen was promoted to captain in 2011, where he has overseen Special Operations and served as second-in-command to Turlock Police Chief Rob Jackson.

Prior to joining the Turlock Police Department, Nielsen served eight years in the Tracy Police Department as a sergeant and 14 years at the San Diego Police Department.

Nielsen graduated from California State University, Long Beach with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Emergency Services Administration.

Despite the loss for the Turlock Police Department, Hill believes the City of Turlock will be left in good hands.

“Sorry for your loss, but I was down there a couple of weeks ago and Chief Jackson seems to have things well in hand,” Hill told TurlockCityNews.com in an email. “That was a very impressive operation.”

Nielsen’s salary has not been released, but The Chronicle reports pay would be between $99,576 and $122,316.

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  1. Guest says:

    Wow! Even the second in command is fleeing…wonder why? Hmmmm.

  2. Because Chief Jackson doesn't play politics says:

    Fortunately our Chief doesn’t buy into the police union baloney. He is tired of the whining for more money. Jackson understands the budget, and is cautious, if union members want to make more money, than go to Stockton.

  3. Guest says:

    Maybe because it’s a goal set in ones career to become chief. And most of all a great opportunity to get out of California. Congrats to you. Wish you the best.

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