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Firearms and Ammo Stolen from Alquist Arms, Suspects At-Large

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

Turlock police are looking for any information on a burglary at Alquist Arms on Wednesday morning where one or more suspects got away with numerous firearms and ammunition.

Officers responded to Alquist Arms, located at 120 S. Center St., at approximately 7:56 a.m. after the owner reported the alarm to police, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

The alarm company had reported to the owner that the alarm had triggered and when the owner went to check, he found that the backdoor had been opened, said Lewis.

One or more unknown suspects forced entry through the rear door of the business, said Lewis. Officers were unable to locate any suspects upon arrival.

The suspect, or suspects, got away with numerous firearms, as well as ammunition, said Lewis.

Turlock police are greatly concerned that the weapons that have been stolen and urge anyone with information to contact the Turlock Police Department immediately at 209-668-1200.

TurlockCityNews.com will provide updates as more information becomes available.

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  1. Guest says:


  2. Rob says:

    i thought when a gun store was closed the guns went to the vault or safe?

  3. the truth says:

    Alright now we got guns running around on the streets with meth heads and thiefs more crime on the way what a shame Turlock used to be a decent town now people are in ignorance

  4. Rob the snob says:

    Yes, blame the victim. You nitwit. This robbery just highlights the criminal element that has moved into the Turlock area. as this economic slowdown continues you can expect to see more robberies. Now is the time to prepare yourself so that you aren’t a victim. Everyone reading this should go out and purchase a firearm to defend their property and their lives from the violent criminals that will soon be roaming the streets.

  5. Turlock says:

    Great…. just great. Turlock is becoming crappier by the day.

  6. Agree with Rob says:

    ALSO, I agree with Rob. The guns SHOULD HAVE BEEN locked in a volt. These are guns, these things aren’t toys and we live in a crappy area now. The store owners are not the victims, the citizens in this town are now that we’re put in danger.

  7. It's a damn shame says:

    What the worst part is if I recall this is not the first time this store has been broken into. You would think they would of learned from the first time.you don’t see these other gun shops in turlock getting broken into numerous times. You can bet your bottom dollar those guns are in the hands of the worst criminals who are going to use them to just rob agian or commit crime .

  8. BIlly says:

    Its not Turlock that is getting worse, its the economy stupid.

  9. nate says:

    I hope your not calling me stupid!! I’ve been in turlock my whole life 26 years. And I speak from experience. 2 years ago I was a victim of violence my house had got home invade by criminals just like these got my front door kicked in and when I came out my room found 5 guys in my living room which who opened fire on me and shot me twice.my son was barely born he was 4 days old.i did nothing to deserve it I’m a hard working tax paying citizen. So when stuff happeans like this I only wonder what’s going to happean next . I don’t blame the owners at all I buy my guns there as well ..

  10. Gary says:

    They can’t put everything in a vault. Sometimes gun stores receive 100+ shipments in a day not knowing whether or not a gun is inside the box. Sometimes those boxes aren’t opened for a few days.

  11. Spelling counts says:

    but not on this website

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