Emanuel Employees Named “Tenet Heroes”

Courtesy of Emanuel Medical Center

Two Emanuel Medical Center employees have been named “Tenet Heroes” as part of the annual tradition that recognizes extraordinary accomplishments among all of Tenet Healthcare’s 100,000 employees across the nation.

Emanuel Cancer Center Executive Director Michael Iltis and long-time Emergency Department nurse Jonathon Carroll were nominated by Emanuel administrators for their commitment to quality, integrity and service. Their nominations were reviewed by a national selection panel.

Iltis and Carroll join 135 other tenet employees nationwide to be nominated this year.

“As Tenet Healthcare’s highest recognition for colleagues, the Hero Awards celebrate exceptional people who exemplify Tenet’s core values,” said Cathy Fraser, senior vice president of Tenet Healthcare. “They define the best of who we are and what we stand for at Tenet.”

The Tenet Heroes program began in 2008 as a way to recognize employees who exemplify the company’s core values and go above and beyond the call of duty. Tenet’s core values are quality, integrity, service, innovation and transparency.

Emanuel CEO Sue Micheletti said Iltis and Carroll models those core values everyday.

“Michael and Jonathon are outstanding recipients of this award, and as the first Tenet Heroes at Emanuel they exemplify the outstanding quality of the people we have caring for patients here,” she said. “I’m very pleased they were recognized by the committee, because they are worthy of the title, Tenet Hero.”

Iltis, as the Executive Director of Emanuel Cancer Center, has been described as a friend, visionary, cheerleader, coach and fellow customer by the by the patients, physicians, nurses, staff and volunteers. When Emanuel began planning for a cancer center in the early 2000s, Iltis knew the value and need for top-quality care. By then, his wife had battled breast cancer twice — at ages 24 and 38 — and Iltis wanted to build a program that people in the local community would come to with utmost confidence in the care they would receive. Emanuel achieved that with the opening of the Center in 2007, and full accreditation by the American College of Surgeons a short while later.

In 2014, Iltis led the complete overhaul and revitalization of the all-volunteer hospitality program at the cancer center, all while supporting his wife through her fifth cancer occurrence and a close brush with death. The new program focuses on the small, simple things that can make a treatment appointment a little bit better for patients and their spouses, loved ones or support people.

During his 35-year career at Emanuel, Carroll has been described by patients, co-workers and supervisors as kind, compassionate, humble and patient. In the Emergency Department, he is also the person everyone turns to when there is any sort of mechanical or medical equipment issue. He tracks all of the hospital’s emergency statistics for the cardiac arrest registry, and is part of the county-wide trauma audit committee.

In 2014, Carroll and his wife witnessed a terrible crash right in front of them as they drove on a county road. Jonathan used his years of emergency medical training to check on both drivers — one of whom had been killed instantly — and extricate an injured three-year-old boy as flames began to spread through the wrecked truck. His calm decision making and quick action saved the child’s life.

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  1. Arch Bishop of Brandel Manor says:

    Jesus Christ! How can these geriatrics be “heros”? They work at THE worst hospital in the region!!!
    EMC is where people go to die! This award is a complete joke!!!

  2. Trump says:

    Perhaps the arch bishop of Brandel Manor didn’t read the end of the article. The ER nurse pulled a three year old out of a burning vehicle, in addition to the fact that he’s on duty when the rest of us need immediate help with strokes, heart attacks, etc. Seems like a hero to me!

  3. Guest says:

    Geriatrics?!! I do not consider someone who pulled a 3 year old out of a burning vehicle a “geriatric”! Knowing Jonathon personally it is very naive and childish to call him that!! He works 50-60 hrs a week and devotes much of his time to saving lives and helping people. Leave EMC and your uneducated opinion out of it. These two gentleman greatly deserve this Tenant award. Congats to both of them!!

  4. Guest says:

    Geriatrics?!! I do not consider someone who pulled a 3 year old out of a burning vehicle a geriatric! Knowing Jonathon personally it is very naive and childish to call him that. He works 50-60 hrs a week and devotes much of his time to saving lives and helping people. Leave EMC and your uneducated opinion out of it. These two gentleman greatly deserve this Tenant award. Congats to both of them!!

  5. Carlos says:

    Just because someone pulls someone out of a burning vehicle does not make them a hero, it makes them a Good Samaritan in the right place at the right time. Hell Fire Fighters, Police and Medics do it everyday, and most of the time it goes unrecognized. And there are many, many people who work 50, 60 hours a week and more. So it sounds like the above comments do t hold much merit and these guys are just doing their jobs and looking for a free handout for doing so. A REAL hero puts his life on the line for his country and the millions of ungreatful people who abuse the governmental system. Go spend some time in the shit overseas and thank a vet not these two knobs for doing the overpaid jobs.

  6. Brian Jones says:

    My best friend still has a grandson because of “Mr Geriatric”. In addition your definition of geriatrics is a bit construed, because he’s older doesn’t make him unworthy of the right of recognition. Many people serve without rewards or recognition, the military does. We are local and we need to take pride in what we’ve earned as a community, regardless of our overall opinions about Turlock. If you think it’s unbearable, move. Your pessimistic views are why we have a disrespect for our community. The best neighborhoods are those of optimistic, they respect their hood and crime has no or little ability to take over. Don’t bash the country you fought for, Carlos, maybe get an education in politics or foreign policy…people volunteering for the military understand the lack of glory.

  7. Guest says:

    I’m embarrassed for you Carlos

  8. Carlos says:

    I highly doubt “Carlos” fought for our beloved country. If he actually did I’m sure he saw no combat. I true soldier and warrior doesn’t disrespect another. A true soldier is respectful and humble. As for police and fire, actually we do not save lives on a daily basis but often and that’s the profession we chose and are compensated for.
    Congratulations. You are a hero. You went far and beyond unselfishly to save a young life and deserve to be recognized.

  9. guest says:

    Carlos is just as naive as the “Arch Bishop” above! Sounds like someone who is bitter about something. Yes there are many many professions where people work hard every day and do amazing things without recognition! Why tear down those who do get awarded just because someone else doesn’t? Both of these men go beyond what is required of them in their professions as do many other people and they were lucky enough to get noticed.Also, in my opinion they are not overpaid! Saving people’s lives and helping improve the health of others every day is priceless.
    There are many definitions of a hero and they all do not have to fall under Carlos’ narrow definition. It is very heroic to enter a vehicle that is on fire! Not everyone would put their own life at risk like that. Oh and looking for a free handout? Neither of these men knew that they had been nominated to receive this award-it was a complete surprise. So I am unsure of how they were looking for a free handout….especially when there was no monetary “handout” attached to this nomination.

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