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One Turlock Well Returns to Service, One Remains Offline

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

The City of Turlock has announced that one of two wells that recently went out of service is back online.

The two wells, both of which are non-potable, or non-drinking, are used to irrigate landscaping and park space in northeast Turlock.

As a result of the wells going out of service, the Country Park greenbelt, Dale Pinkney Neighborhood Park, the landscaping in the North Berkeley Avenue medians, and Taylor Road bike path were not being watered.

Director of Municipal Services Michael Cooke said that one of the wells has returned to service as of Thursday, but is not at 100 percent.

“We did have to lower the pump and so it is operating at a lower pressure than before,” said Cooke in an email. “This is causing our Parks staff to operate the irrigation system differently (fewer stations on at any one time).”

Cooke added that specialists like the white rock plumbers are working to optimize the system with the water pressure that is available and are cleaning clogged sprinkler heads and broken valves as they go. The water system is complex and needs a trained plumber to ensure that any and all amendments are done properly to prevent damage in the future.

The second well remains offline, but will be worked on next week, said Cooke. Staff is expected to clean out the well, place a new sleeve inside the well casing, and put the pump back in.

“If we are successful (and there is no guarantee) things could almost go back to normal out there – as the second well will really help to boost pressure,” said Cooke in an email.

While in this unprecedented fourth year of drought, the City of Turlock remains diligent in its conservation efforts for public spaces. The public is encouraged to let the City of Turlock know if there are any broken sprinklers or other water issues in Turlock parks, public medians, or facilities.

If you see water waste, please call City of Turlock Municipal Services Department at 209-668-5590 or fill out the water waste report form on the City of Turlock’s website.

City of Turlock residents can also expect an insert in their June utility bill with more information on the City’s new water regulations. 

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  1. Todd says:

    It’s too late to save a large percentage of the plants in these “greenbelts”. Many of the shrubs are dead. Trees are losing their leaves and the grass is history. All the watering in the world isn’t going to save them now. Great job city leaders!

  2. Save the fish says:

    Keep both wells out of service. We need to put more water down the river to save the fish. Don Pedro is going through a relicensing process. Use you voice to speak up for the fish during the relicensing process. It is stupid to water landscape when we throw the fish under the bus. Lawns are a thing of the past. Let’s build a bright future for our children!

  3. andrew says:

    I agree 100% our actions now make a impact on our children’s future to experience outdoors and not only that but make a impact on every single fish’s existence in the future.

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