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Turlock City News

Suspect Arrested for Kidnapping, Elder Abuse

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A male subject was arrested for kidnapping and elder abuse Monday morning after he forced an elderly woman to drive him away from a recent encounter with police.

The suspect, later identified as Manuel Mercado, 37, had just been contacted by police for an unrelated disturbance, but he was released.

After the incident, around 9:22 a.m., Mercado got into the passenger seat of a vehicle while it was in motion.

While in the vehicle, Mercado put his leg over the center console and forced the driver, a 65-year-old female relative of Mercado, to drive him to a residence on Pioneer Avenue, reports the Turlock Police Department.

At this time, officers who were still in the area saw the victim’s car with the hazard lights on and heard the victim screaming, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis. The vehicle then sped off.

A witness told police that a man in the vehicle was beating up the lady, said Lewis. Mercado had forcefully rolled the window up and caused injury to the elderly driver when her elbow got caught between the window and frame.

Officers followed the vehicle and were able to catch up and stop the vehicle. Mercado was subsequently taken into custody.

Mercado was arrested and booked for kidnapping and elder abuse.

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