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Turlock City News

Suspect with Toy Gun Arrested for Battery of Police Officer

Courtesy of Turlock Police Department

A suspect was arrested for battery of a police officer Friday morning after it was reported that he was in possession of a handgun that turned out to be a toy.

Turlock police received a report of a suspicious person, possibly with a firearm, in the 600 block C Street shortly after 9 a.m. Friday.

According to Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb, the suspect was panhandling in a parking lot when the reporting party called police.

When the officer arrived, he saw what appeared to be the grip of a handgun sticking out of the suspect’s back pocket, said Webb.

The officer gave the suspect commands, but he refused to comply and a struggle ensued between the officer and suspect, said Webb.

Ultimately, officers were able to gain control of the suspect, but had to place him in a restraint device as he continued to be combative, said Webb.

Officers found that the gun was a plastic toy and the suspect did not point it at anyone or threaten the officer with it, said Webb.

Jose Pacheco, 21, was arrested for battery of a peace officer and resisting arrest.

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  1. Sroufe says:

    These homeless, vagrants, bums, whatever you want to call them need to be escorted out of this city. They are causing all kinds of problems for residents and businesses. Somebody is gonna end up getting hurt by them. If they are willing to fight with a cop, what do think would stop them from hurtinot anyone. Got to have respect for law enforcement.

  2. the truth says:

    Yeah law enforceme t needs to have respect for the community and enforce the law. It’s getting this way just like a garden the doesn’t get attended to in a daily basis little weeds start growing and take over and rob the whole crop

  3. willie long says:

    Yo man this crime aint going to stop. Not here or anywhere, the reason is all these youngsters running the streets like they own it. What they need to do when jr. Brakes the law is give mommy and daddy and ol fashion woopin.
    A few times of that ol jr. be like yes mam, yes sir.
    Yall catch my drift.
    And these mommy and daddy’s think there kids is cute and trere good kids, well there not. They ugly, even more then you are.

  4. Billy says:

    The homeless is everyone’s problem. Putting them on the bus out of turlock solves nothing. They will keep coming to turlock.
    Churches, temples and nonprofits need to put their money where there mouth is and step up otherwise your tax exempt status does nothing for society and local community.

  5. Turlock is dead says:

    Turlock is overrated, overpriced, and filled with nasty transients.more and more of this behavior will continueas the economy degrades further. Prepare now for another economic downturn this September.purchase a firearm now before you become a victim of these violent transients.

  6. Irrational Exuberance & The Housing Bubble 2.0 says:

    Guest – Turlock is dead: WTF?? Dude if you think the valley is over priced try renting a one bedroom 701 sq ft. apartment in the Bay Area like Fremont, Ca. for $2,335.00 per month, and that doesn’t include the deposit, and that’s if you qualify!!! CHECK YOURSELF HOMIE!!
    231 Woodcreek Common
    Available Floor Plans

    A1 1 1 $2,335 701
    A1 1 1 $2,490 701
    B1 2 2 $2,715 901
    B1 2 2 $2,800 901

  7. Augie B says:

    The ever-expanding, never-leaving community of crazy hobos is why we left Turdlock. If I have to pay $250,000 for a liveable house, I damn sure better not be seeing this kind of riffraff wandering around. Thanks churches! You’ve ruined beyond repair what once was a perfectly lovely town.

  8. Lylia Anderson says:

    Observed today (June 25): police at 7-11 on Lander, busting someone in car.
    Liquor Store adjacent to 7-11, now closing around 9:00 p.m.
    Salvation Army starting construction on wrought-iron perimeter fence.
    Someone shooting up near Pizza Hut,
    40 + homeless in Denair Park
    Young teens arguing/talk to/ not sure… to the crew in the pit at Linwood and Lander. If you drive slowly enough you might get free entertainment from the “young lady” there.
    Older homeless, on bikes, around Broadway…close to the shelter there.
    Also observed: The church on East near taco trucks stopped their food services, West Side Ministries stopped feeding the adult homeless, and above comment about Salvation Army says a lot.
    WHAT PART OF VAGRANCY LAWS, LOITERING, ILLEGAL POSSESSION OF DRUGS DOES OUR COMMUNITY Not Understand? It’s not a delicate issue. These people are aggressive. If you have ever been to a party, with an open bar, and you have a lot of people addicted attending, there ends up being fights, vandalism, and behavior we do not want around our children. These losers don’t belong here and it’s not a “bleeding heart liberal” or a “church” problem. I am very concerned about this epidemic of people flocking to our town. It can be fixed, and Turlock needs to get their heads out of their “good old boy” mind-set and realize that this Town does not have walls and is not incubated from reality.

  9. LOL says:

    These are problems this community has but damn lady you sure do have a lot of time on your hands during the day LOL. Not saying what you said is incorrect cause I to see a lot of the stuff u said but over a period of time. How come you don’t call the police when you see such things?

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