Driver Falsely Reports Vehicle Stolen After Fleeing Scene of Collision

Brandon McMillan/

After rolling his vehicle early on Saturday, a driver gave a false stolen vehicle report to Turlock police.

Shortly after 1 a.m. on Saturday, a driver was traveling northbound in the 1400 block of West Avenue South when he rolled his vehicle and went through a fence, said Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb.

The driver then got out of his vehicle and fled from the area. Once out of the area, he reported that his car had been stolen, said the Turlock Police Department.

When he arrived back on scene with officers, the driver admitted that he had been driving the vehicle and fled following the collision.

Hernan Villalobos, 21, was arrested for hit and run.

Villalobos was not injured in the collision.

Drugs and alcohols were not a factor in the collision, said Webb.

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  1. Augustus says:

    Always Mexicans

  2. Augustus says:

    Why are we lucky the Mexicans are here? California has turned back into Mexico making it just as crappy. Where is the new California to send them to?

  3. BRUTUS says:

    Yo augusNUTS you want to compare some violent crime stats?
    Ter·ror·ism: Systematic use of violence and intimidation to achieve some goal.
    Columbine High School massacre! Sandy Hook Elementary School ! Bombing in Oklahoma City,
    Jim Jones massacre ! San Ysidro McDonald’s massacre ! Just a few examples!
    While the majority of all violent crimes are perpetuated by men, American mass murders in particular seem to be the territory of white men. The Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent Crime writes that, “Compared with assailants who kill but one victim, mass murderers are overwhelmingly likely to be male, [and] are far more likely to be white,” and the numbers prove it. According to Wikipedia, 75% of the rampage killings on US record were perpetrated by white males, as were 71% of massacres in schools, and 60% of workplace rampages – a seriously disproportionate number for the number of white males that make up the general population. agusNUTS you can ALSO add in a preference for pedophilia and zoophilia!!

  4. @ brutus says:

    we can tell you are not white. But you are eating up the white mans media and programming – I bet you watch a lot of television and listen to hip hop music which is all made possible by jews. I bet you dress like all the people on tv and movies and that is why I see you coming from a away. I bet you haven’t read a book that wasn’t required reading.
    you should wake up and see who the real enemy is – the monopoly of violence. If you don’t know what the monopoly of violence is you should use that free phone obama gave you and do an internet search.

  5. Turlock Homegrown says:

    Isn’t Brutus a dog’s name???? Hummmm. Makes you wounder.

  6. Byung gyu lee says:

    Hey Brutus, I thought clebold and Eric Harris were Jewish? Maybe more white men do mass shootings because they actually have jobs, unlike Browns and blacks. Hell, us Asians just commit suicide because we actually have jobs. Btw, how was the gubment cheese?

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