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Man Chasing Boys at Julien Spreading on Facebook


A Facebook post being shared by many Turlockers advises the community to be aware after a strange incident occurred last week.

According to the Facebook post, which has been shared more than 1,200 times as of Tuesday night, a male subject was in the dugout at the baseball field at Julien Elementary School on July 14.

The subject reportedly jumped the fence and began chasing three boys down the street, yelling at them.

The boys were chased until a woman in the neighborhood saw the incident and helped the three boys hide.

The incident was reported to the Turlock Police Department and all parties involved were contacted, said Turlock police spokesperson Sgt. Stephen Webb.

Officers spoke to the subject regarding the incident, said Webb, but had nothing further to report.

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  1. Future Stockton says:

    This town isn’t going in the dumps, it’s already there. The homeless/panhandling is getting ridiculous. The attacks are getting worse. I’ve lost hope that the city will will actually do something about it, I give Turlock four more years till it’s the second Stockton, or worse.

  2. truth says:

    Welcome to turdlock the key to the crapper i mean valley

  3. Death of s small town says:

    Turlock like the state is going into the gutter because of incompetent local financial warlords -government- and people behind the chamber of commerce.

    Turlock leaders created these problems and the mouth breathers of turlock expect these same leaders to fix these problems.

    Turlock is full of fat, battered wives who keep thinking something will change.

    Oh, and who else is tired of these portagees too?

  4. Amused Reader says:

    Hey, Death of s small town; I assume you meant Death of A small town, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Don’t you have anything better to do than post under any number of assumed names? Posts that, frankly, a third grader would be embarrassed by? And what is it with the “portagees”? I’m guessing that “portagee” kids kicked your ass pretty regularly when you were a mere bed wetter. If Turlock is such a horrible place, why don’t you leave? Or at least have the guts too stand up at a city council meeting and let them know what you think. Naaaah. That would take some actual courage, as opposed to hiding behind anonymous nom de plumes (it’s French, moron, look it up) and pretending to be, you know, someone who counts.

  5. Amused the ignorant says:

    Amused reader is obviously a shill and has no counter argument. Therefore, he has to resort to insults and veiled threats of violence. Typical government enslavement techniques. Why doesn’t amused reader post under their real name? Why should I legitimize the city council and attend their meetings as if they have any real power? They can’t make any decision beside how to waste money and steal more from me to yet waste again all the while giving themselves raises. Sorry amused reader- not going to be your slave. get your hand out of my pocket and get s real job.

  6. Augustus says:

    Actually, according to 2013 stats, Stockton and Turlock have similar crime rates. Still, nothing will be done about the dirty tweekers and bums that have taken over the public spaces of this once lovely city. The people in power don’t care. Thats why I moved my family to another town in another county back in March. We are not poor either. The city WAS making money from us being there in sales and property taxes. Well we decided to take that money elsewhere since Turlock wants to keep being a pile of poop for the bums to roll around in and do nothing for the people who keep them in nice houses and expensive cars.

  7. sadone says:

    Its all the tpd finest busted all non crimal marijuana users allowing for meath to spread like a virus

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