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13-Year-Old Arrested for Threatening Elderly Woman with Knife


Turlock police arrested a 13-year-old boy on Saturday of last week after allegedly threatening to “cut” a 67-year-old woman at Columbia Park.

The 67-year-old victim was sitting at a covered table at Columbia Park shortly after 2 p.m. on Saturday when three juvenile males approached her.

According to Turlock police, one of the subject pointed a knife at her and said, “Leave or I’ll cut you. These are our tables.”

Believing the threat, the victim left the tables.

Officers received report of the incident and responded to the park where the three subjects were located, said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

One of the subjects, a 13-year-old boy, was arrested and booked into the Stanislaus County Juvenile Hall for criminal threats, brandishing a weapon, and elder crimes.

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  1. Augustus says:

    I’ve been saying for years that Turlock parks have been taken over by the bums dirties and hobos and the local powers that be, including the police department, sit by and do nothing about it. who cares? They don’t live there, don’t have to endure the increasing number of street trash bothering the normal folk about their days. Well I moved too, and took my family and tax dollars with. Never looked back and other Turlock residents I know are considering the same. A once nice town turned into the north valleys urinal and still trying to put Bay Area prices on homes. No thanks.

  2. Mexican kids says:

    Are running around being violent and threatening people and their parents don’t care. The mexican illegals just want EBT, welfare, section 8, and free public schooling for their little unsupervised hoodlums. These parents don’t care if your daughter, son, or elderly family is raped, assaulted, or robbed.
    Keep on paying taxes if you support this behavior.

  3. Ricard Hemmington says:

    Something needs to be done about this. It’s clear the elderly and these punk kids can not be together in the same park! Perhaps it’s time we considered building separate facilities for these punk kids to hang out in. Build them their own park that can only be entered if you are under a certain income bracket, and let them enjoy their own little segregated community. It’s time we finally realized that if you just segregate the problem away, then they can be equal in their own areas.

  4. firezombie says:

    To guest @ mexican kids******
    YOUR DOING YOUR PART KEEPING THE HATE ALIVE CUZ BELIEVE IT OR NOT IF “Us mexicans dont care about all the crimes you speaked of THEN WE SURE DONT CARE ABOUT A RACIST PUNK LIKE YOU TALKIN trash over the internet

  5. Your non-existent english teacher!!! says:

    @firezombie Do you know the meaning of ignorant? Apparently not! The rubbish you just posted “over the internet” is not helping your cause. Your ignornace seems to help the statements in which @mexicankids posted. Maybe the use of spell check and grammar check would help your fight, but instead it seems you want to do some bashing of your own. Be the bigger person.

  6. Today's its a threat says:

    Tomorrow the old lady will be robbed. More of this to come as the economy continues to tank and home ownership is out of reach. Get ready for the real violence as the state disarms us and leave us as prey for the violent thugs. Your daughters will be raped, your sons killed, and what little money you have stolen. Welcome to the Great Depression.

  7. Sam Boddington says:

    Why is this elderly woman out in a public park anyway? Don’t they have sufficient elderly housing nearby to keep them locked up? Elder care is very important, and nursing homes exist for a reason to make sure they are not exposed to this type of environment. Perhaps a mandatory age for elder housing should be considered (50+)? This would prevent these types of situations and ensure the elderly are safe from danger they may mistakenly wander into.

  8. Guest says:

    Wow, this post brought out a lot of ignorant and racist people.

    Because there are some illegals that abuse the system, all Mexican illegals must be abusing the system and raising criminals – there can’t possibly be people who came just to get a better life and try (sometimes failing) to provide for their kids. And of course because there are some homeless people who cause problems, all homeless people are dirty hobos who have complete control over everything that they do and yet choose to live in filth on the streets – we of course know that there are no homeless people who suffer mental/physical illness causing them to struggle with every day things “normal folk” can easily handle.

    The ignorance shown in some of the comments on this post is what makes Turlock an increasingly depressing place to live, not illegals and homeless people.

  9. Lone rider says:

    To everyone accusing Mexicans of violence.

    Have you ever thought that maybe your racist actions and your preferences in race is one of the main reasons why we tend to be violent? Take a look at the job systems. All the office jobs are predominantly filled by whites, asians, and blacks (in that order). If you look at field jobs, mainly Mexicans fill theses jobs.

    Now that you know where everyone usually gets employed, let’s take a look at the income. Office jobs pay anywhere between $20-$100/ hr. Field labors are paid at the most $12.50/hour and in most cases, since they’re illegal, they get paid way less than $100 a day.

    Now let’s take a look at actions. What do you do when you see a young Mexican in a store? Correct me if I’m wrong; you’ll tend to hold on to you’re keys, you clench your purses, won’t make eye contact, call us spicks, assume we don’t speak English, disrespect us in front of our children. Now you tell me this, is this something you would stand for if it happened to you? Racism has got to stop. White folk lend a Mexican a helping hand and that help will be returned ten fold. We have heart and we care for our surroundings, but when people get racial about it, we will stand and deliver. I’m a hard working g man, pay my taxes and contribute to the community, but when I see the way you all act towards Mexicans it makes me sick, disgusted to live in an area filled with racism. If all the Mexicans would just one day decide enough is enough, how will harvest your crops? Who will clean up you’re nice hotel room? Who will do a better job at cutting you’re lawn? Illegals don’t come here to live for free, illegals come here to work. Now you tell me, can you support you’re family of five for under $100 a day?

  10. Marilyn says:

    OMG! I’m 66! That’s elderly? And someone wants me to live in senior housing at 50+? I don’t feel anywhere close to “elderly.”

  11. Guest 360 says:

    Go take a drive to Columbia park at about 11 pm. The parents of these kids are either fellow gang bangers, locked up, or are just complete losers. As a non-Mexican Latino that unfortunately lived in Turlock for way too long, I had to put up with racial prejudice all day every day from Mexicans. Don’t act like Mexicans are the sweetest little people on earth, because a majority sure aren’t. And guess what, I’m not talking about their illegal parents, because they are hardworking people that try their best. I’m talking about their children, many of whom are torn between two cultures, don’t speak Spanish fluently, and don’t really have any clue what they’re saying when they say that they love Mexico. I’m not racist, I’m just stating simple facts. If I could give any advice to Mexicans, it would be that if you want to better your children’s lives, then you need to assimilate into American culture and stop pretending that you’re in michoacan still. Doing this will tremendously advance mexican-American culture into the 21st century. Good luck!!

  12. Re: lone rider says:

    Maybe you shouldn’t have five kids if you only make $100.00 a day, duh.

  13. baji lutes says:

    [b]Sam we don’t lock up our elderly. Free country. She has as much right to be there as anyone else.[/b]

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