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Duo Nabbed in Stolen Vehicle

Courtesy of Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force

The Stanislaus County Auto Theft Task Force (StanCATT) announced Tuesday that two suspects were arrested in a stolen vehicle in May.

On May 21, StanCATT officers spotted a 1996 Nissan Sentra traveling northbound on Walnut Avenue near Tuolumne Road in Turlock.

The officer recognized the vehicle as being reported stolen to the Turlock Police Department the day before.

Marked Turlock police units were called in to assist and an enforcement stop was made by officers.

Two subjects in the vehicle were taken into custody without incident.

Billy Edward White III, 44, and Leah Felix, 28, were both arrested for auto theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a controlled substance. White was additionally charged for a probation violation.

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  1. politics says:

    And they are probably back on the street, THANK YOU JERRY BROWN a@#hole.

  2. @Politics says:

    Jerry Brown has saved California but your obviously too stupid to see it.

  3. Just a City Employee says:

    Jerry Brown is another Democrat who will increase our taxes. Bring back Ted Howze. He is able to find government waste and he’s able to rid us of the likes of poor employees.

  4. Brown saved CA financially if only the Turlock council could figure it out says:

    Brown understands budgets, spending & created a rainy day fund. Maybe Soiseth and the rest of the council should take a look at how real government works and is successful.

  5. We blame Howze for Turlock's debt says:

    Howze and his buddies in the majority spent all kinds of money on public safety, the 3 million dollars we were in the hole in 2009 was because of the police and fire wishlists. I wish Howze well in whatever he does OUTSIDE of govt.

  6. Oh no not another tweeker says:

    Two of em.

  7. marganita hernandez says:

    Why is it now being published atvsuch a later date werent they arested in May?

  8. Linda Davis says:

    If it’s a 1996 vehicle they should be glad it’s stolen. What a junker! Why would these people even steal such an old and worthless car? It smells like a scam to me!!!

  9. Humble says:

    Wow Linda. My last car I had I just sold and it was a 96. I worked very hard to buy that car, it was a great car. It got me where I needed to go and I bought it with my hard earned money how dare you act like it was okay for them to steal it, people work hard for what they have regardless. That could have been what got their kids to school of themselves to work. Go eat a slice of humble pie.

  10. Linda Davis says:

    Wow Humble it’s not even about being humble it’s about being safe. A car from 1996 is a danger to yourself and everyone else on the road because of changes to safety requirements. Driving an antique may make you feel unique and special, but it’s a danger to everyone else. Spend the money and buy something modern so you stop endangering everyone else! Quit being so selfish and driving a antique vehicle!

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