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Turlock Police Awarded $69,000 Grant to Crackdown on Intoxicated Drivers


The Turlock Police Department has been awarded a $69,000 grant from the Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) that will allow local law enforcement to crackdown on alcohol impaired drivers.

The grant, which was awarded under the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP), is intended to be used for enforcement and education programs that specifically target and reduce the number of people killed or injured in alcohol related collisions.

With the grant, the Turlock Police Department will be able to conduct DUI/driver’s license checkpoints, sting operations, directed patrols, and other similar operations.

The grant will provide for overtime costs, including benefits, for officers assigned to assist in the operations. In addition, equipment, training, and other associated costs will be reimbursed through the grant.

While the grant was awarded to the Turlock Police Department in June, it first needed to be accepted by the Turlock City Council. Council unanimously approved the grant at a recent, regularly scheduled meeting.

The one year grant period will begin Oct. 1 and ends on Sept. 30, 2016.

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  1. A dui checkpoint is not a dL checkpoint and its unconstitiutional says:

    Just another way to harass the citizens of turlock

  2. Jay says:

    Instead of granting $$ to capture thugs and drug dealers.

  3. @ unconstitutional says:

    You really think a document makes you free or that the monopoly of violence really cares about your “rights”? It’s about the money- They want your surplus from your labor to fund their extravagant pensions.

    True free men need no document stating they are free

  4. Rick says:

    This is a good thing but I feel that a growing bigger issue that they should be cracking down are catching people who continue to TEXT and Talk on their phone while driving.

    Everyday here in Turlock and highway 99,you see so many people continue to do this swerving from lane to lane, almost running into the back of your auto when everyone is coming to a full stop. I do not know how many times I have had to honk my horn at someone almost hitting me while they are doing this. The state of California needs to have stiffer fines, and their need to be more police catching people doing this or it is never going to stop. I also have had friends who have almost been hit crossing cross walk walking their dog by a person not paying attenting either going thru the stop sign or turning not looking at the street, but looking down at their phone.

  5. @ Rick says:

    keep you and your little government grubby hand out of my pocket. Stop thinking that government taking more money from me is going to help the situation. Why not start with not handing out free phones for everyone so that only people who can afford them are using them rather than all of the knuckledragging mouthbreathers? If they can’t afford a phone, how can they even afford to drive dangerously in the first place?

    Why is rick so quick to reach into my pocket and steal my surplus of labor?
    Can rick so quick stop stealing our money and then do us all a favor?
    It’s not not stiffer fines that makes those comply,
    nor will it make everything safer.
    Its not stealing from one to give to another because what was earned was earned with sacred labor.

  6. Offramp says:

    Tell us, guest@rick, if none of your money (or anyone else’s) is not allowed to be used in this fashion, and you seem to know what will work, please enlighten the rest of us. And BTW, that old right wing story about giving away free phones to welfare recipients was proven to be a lie years ago. Get with the times when spouting invective.

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