TUSD and TID Candidates Finalized for Elections, 1 Undesired Seat to be Filled by Appointment

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TUSD and TID Candidates Finalized for Elections, 1 Undesired Seat to be Filled by Appointment

Friday, Aug. 7, at 5 p.m., was the deadline for people to file as candidates in the upcoming Consolidated District Election on Nov. 3, 2015. 

Turlock races include Turlock Unified School District and Turlock Irrigation District Trustee seats.

There was not a lot of interest in running for public office this election. Mostly incumbents filed for reelection, one filed to rejoin his Board after originally being appointed, and then a couple newcomers to the Turlock ballot filed.

Only one seat will have a ballot contest, as one newcomer is running unopposed and the other newcomer is running against the only incumbent being challenged.

Candidacy interest was so low that one Board seat went unwanted, and will need to be filled by appointment. 


This will be the first district election for the TUSD, transitioning from an at-large election. All TUSD voters will no longer be able to cast a ballot for multiple Trustee candidates.

The TUSD is now split into areas to be represented only by one Trustee living in the specified area, and voted on by only those who are eligible and live in the same area.

The TUSD Board Trustee seats candidates are vying for in this historic election are Trustee Area 1, Trustee Area 3, Trustee Area 5, and Trustee Area 7.

Two incumbents filed to rejoin the TUSD Board, and are unchallenged, while a newcomer has offered himself up for public service and is also running uncontested.

Incumbent Barney W. Gordon, who was previously seated on the Board of Trustees by appointment, filed as a candidate for Trustee Area 1.

Newcomer Ken Malech, a teacher in Modesto, filed his candidacy for Trustee Area 3.

Long-time incumbent Frank Lima has filed reelection as a representative for Trustee Area 5.

No candidates filed to represent Trustee Area 7. The district area is shared with Merced County.

The TUSD Board will decide a method of appointment, and if it doesn’t, the Stanislaus County Office of Education will decide.


TID will see a pretty stereotypical election for the Board of Trustees as both seats to be filled have candidates that filed and there are also few candidates running.

Incumbent Rob Santos, a local veterinarian, filed his candidacy for Division 4 and is unopposed.

Incumbent Michael Frantz, a farmer/nurseryman, filed his candidacy for reelection but will face a challenger.

Tracy Sunde, retired educator, filed his candidacy to challenge Michael Frantz for Division 1.

Stanislaus Election Coverage

An extended deadline of Wednesday, Aug. 12, may apply for seats where an incumbent did not file by Friday’s deadline. 

None of the Turlock-specific election races needed the extension.

TurlockCityNews.com will continue covering the local Turlock races while also updating citizens periodically on the regional races taking place in Stanislaus County.

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