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Man Arrested for Illegal Assault Rifle After Confronting Two Suspicious People


Turlock police arrested a male subject early on Aug. 6 after receiving multiple calls of suspicious people in the area of Crane Avenue.

As a result of police responding to the calls, Cash Frost, 36, was arrested for illegal possession of an assault rifle and possession of a large capacity magazine. Frost was not one of the suspicious people.

Turlock police received a report of suspicious people attempting to access a residential backyard in the 500 block of Crane Avenue shortly before 1 a.m., said Turlock police spokesperson Officer Mayra Lewis.

Shortly after, a second call came into the Turlock Police Department, this time to report two suspicious people who had another male pointing a firearm at them, said Lewis.

Officers responded to the area and conducted a search, but couldn’t find any of the subjects at first.

Later, officers found two subjects who matched the description of the suspicious people. The two subjects told police that a male subject with a rifle had contacted them and a struggle ensued, said Lewis.

Officers located the residence of the subject, which was the same place the first report had come from, and contacted Frost. Frost let the officers into the residence and they found a rifle that had been altered to fit a larger magazine, said Lewis.

Frost was subsequently arrested. 

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  1. Tori Benton says:

    Wow I am shocked at the level of professionalism the Turlock news has failed to show in regards to comments made by supporters of Cash Frost. I have know Cash for 15 plus years….. I am disappointed to see how poorly this has been represented..

  2. Taxpayer says:

    So tpd could be arresting gang bangers and dope fiends, instead they arrest a man defending his property. I can’t wait to see what Turlock will be like in 2020, because I’m moving out of this pigsty tomorrow!!!!! Smell ya later pig farmers!!!!

  3. Doesn't matter says:

    Absolutely absurd. Is there really nothing else going on other than to report a citizen trying to protect his pregnant wife and teenage daughter? Then go on social media and throw them under the bus? That’s low. Reporter and low life defending this article needs to be canned. What a loser.

  4. Taxpayer says:

    It is unfortunate to see unprofessional journalism, it is important to step back and analyze the whole picture of the situation. The focus should have been on the illegal intruders, which is an epidemic. I was just robbed 2 days ago after a group in individuals rammed there vehicle through my shop. I could only hope that journalism will start taking the side of the average joe and stick up for there right to bear arms and not for those running a muck and bredding hate among society. The police may give u certain facts but not always the whole justified truth.

  5. Julee Frost says:

    So your telling me, my cousin got arrested for protecint his family from bad people just showed he had a gun for protection and you arrest him for the magazine not the AR itself?! how about the people who were trying to get to his daughter !?!?! you report the (*edited by tcn) that matters the bad people who are killing people or the gang bangers!!

  6. the truth says:

    2 wrongs don’t make a right

  7. areyouf ukinkiding says:

    Its was aug.6 a beautiful night for turlock tweaking maybe brake into couple cars maybe even a house. But then someone who probably has a job or something like a “family” tries to defend his family and property like a “criminal bigot”! Trys Stoping these poor hard working tweaks from doing what they do best! But don’t worry TPD is on this case they will defend our nightly thieves and arrest this lowlife that has one to many bullets defending his own property! Well brandon mcmoron I’m gunnin for your job cause clearly I can do this better! Now instead of defending the criminals and tweaks of turlock try not sounding so sympathetic for what was clearly someone exercising their Second Amendment rights but Oh No he had one too many bullets! Get real your articles suck this is the worst one yet! Im sure this will be deleted cause truth hurts!

  8. Revolution coming says:

    Police arrest a homeowner defending his property while the violent transients run wild and mug people. When the economy crashes- the little city of turlock thugs will be dealt with.

  9. Victoria Pedroza says:

    Absurd to think that you can’t even protect your own family these days. I’ve known Cash for over 20 years and am disgusted at the Turlock Police Department and this so called news source! Are they so desperate for a story that they would run the name of someone who was trying to do the right thing for his family just because they can’t find the names of the real perpetrators? They’ve probably robbed and assaulted countless times by now while a sweet, responsible, contributing member to society is being prosecuting for doing what he had to do in a bad situation. How about running a story on how a model citizen was unjustly arrested for trusting the police that are supposed to be protecting us?!?!?! This is a sick world, people brutally attack people now days for kicks…what are we supposed to do just sit back, let them harm our families while the police take their sweet time to respond to 911 calls? This BS is exactly why I do not reside in my hometown! It’s sad that the word of advice in this situation is, don’t invite police into your home without a search warrant. Cash is one of the kindest, caring, responsible people I know. He’s not a thug, he’s not a danger to society, and he’s definitely not to be confused with a criminal. I’m outraged that he is going through this!!!

  10. common sense says:

    Lmfao. Its ok for a home owner to have an illegal firearm, but any one else its not. Lmfao. Homeowners are not god they have the same laws as anyone else. Did he try calling the cops when that happend. Nope, lmfao.

  11. hello says:

    Illegal firearm. You go to jail. Its the law. AND WHY WOULD HE NEED A WEAPON LIKE THAT. WHATS REALLY GOING ON.

  12. andrew says:

    First off read the article it’s not an illegal firearm he had a illegal clip that california does not allow but almost in every other state it’s legal. All u people who saying the homeowner is in the wrong your crazy I want to see you in that position and see what you would do. So what happean if he pulled out a completely legal pistol or rifle and shot both .would it not be so wrong then cause the gun was legal? I don’t get it anymore why are people defending people who are out here to ruin people’s life and try to steal anything they feel entitled to.

  13. @ hello, common sense says:

    I hope you and your family are brutalized by the criminals in California- then you realize why firearms are necessary. You are the reason this country has been taken over. TPD you will not get any financial donations from me and I sincerely hope your pensions go bust from the action of the bearucrats that boot lick.

    Welcome to the new world order. Tweakers are good, hard working citizens are bad.

  14. Byung gyu lee says:

    Just like George Orwell said in his book 1984, good become bad and bad become good. In South Korea police never help citizen and let criminal do whatever they want. That why it a bad country, now America become bad? Where to go now?!

  15. Oh my gawd you tards says:

    The rifle wasn’t “altered” to fit a larger magazine. If there was a larger mag it simply fit. Even I know this and I’m a “girl”. The “men” writing about this should be ashamed of themselves as the “men” who call magazines “clips” and AR-15s “assault rifles” should. Stop using words you don’t understand.

  16. guest says:

    Ok the home owner confronted the two suspects and then he just let them go. They must not have been a threat or were doing nothing wrong. So unlike all you trigger happy folks. He probably dont mind sitting in jail a few days, cause it could have been life if he pulled that trigger. And he probably agrees on that.

  17. Anonymous says:

    If all you people look back and remember, a man has been charged with murder for a 7-23-13 killing of a guy who was on his property and stealing . at least they were on his property and stealing and his gun was legal. This other guy is lucky he didn’t shoot the guy

  18. Turlock tards says:

    It’s amazing the amount of mouthbreathers commenting on this post who are woefully ignorant and obstinately stupid. It’s a mystery how they have made it this far. Anyone who thinks the homeowner should be in jail should kill themselves. For god sakes kill yourself before you make more stupid people through breeding.

  19. to - turlock tards says:

    Your the wad that should have been swallowed

  20. willy long says:

    Homeless people are kool man. Yo yo copper wire carl, and recycling roy. And trash can charlie now they downn dog. Ruff ruff. And aluminum can louie . Can you say recycle.

  21. willy long says:

    I no this gurl who is crazy in love wit copper wire carl and they said aluminum can louie was less then 2 miles from the crime sene. Bullets were flyin like a school of fish. He had no choice but to protect his recyclables. So he left. He sain it was like a war zone

  22. willy long says:

    Trash can chewy says he dont care what you all say he has a really nice girlfriend. And dont be jealous son

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