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Planning Commission Approves Permit to Allow Church in Red Brick Bar Location

Brandon McMillan/TurlockCityNews.com

 The Turlock Planning Commission approved the request to convert Two Guys Catering and Red Brick Bar & Grill into a church at its Aug. 6 Commission meeting.

The permit will allow Calvary Chapel of Turlock to have the project finished within five years, which is different form the standard one year deadline. And if not finished within the time given, the applicant will then need to reapply.

Until the church is fully developed, the current Conditional Use Permit will allow both Red Brick and the church to operate.

In September of 2004, the Planning Commission approved a Conditional Use Permit for Two Guys Catering, which allowed the operation of a roughly 9,500 square-foot banquet hall and conference. At the time, the parking location for the business was Downtown Core, so no additional parking was required.

In 2007, the Conditional Use Permit was amended to permit the conversion of the approximately 4,700 square-foot parking lot on the south-end of the building to an outdoor event facility, which then eliminated the 23-car parking lot.

This venue would hold events such as weddings, private parties, and events hosted by Two Guys Catering. The staff report did not alter the assumption with parking demand, stating that the proposed use generated the need for 40 parking spaces during the week.

The main concern with the approved permit was the impact that the church could have on parking in Downtown Turlock.

Commissioner Victor Pedroza was concerned that the church could grow beyond the 360 person max the staff report detailed, but Jim Shaw, architect for the applicant, assured that the growth would be a “blessing.”

The representative reassured the commissioner that at the moment there are not more than 360 committed members of the church, so that is not an issue. If the church were to be blessed with more than 360 members, they would have to search for another venue to have multiple services.

According to the staff report, at its peak, the church would need 120 parking spaces to accommodate churchgoers — based on the average of three people per vehicle.

Commissioner Elvis Dias was concerned with parking as well, specifically with Harvest Christian Center possibly competing with spaces, as it is located only a block away. However, staff said Harvest has two private parking lots, so it wouldn’t impact the Calvary Chapel. 

With Red Brick's current lease set to expire in five years, there is no timetable on when the church, which will operate within the adjacent building, would use the entire location.

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  1. Martin says:

    Great, because another church is just what this town needed.

  2. Turlocker says:

    Yup, just like it needs 50 mexican restaurants and roach coaches……

  3. Chase says:

    I had been to the Red Brick Bar. Why close it and convert it to a church??? The same fate happened to movie theaters throughout America, and now…THIS! Why????????????????? Bring me the head of the church leader. NOW!

  4. Old Turlock says:

    Church and Bars is what Turlock does best. They will either be saved by drink or by God.

  5. Dorothy White says:

    What kind of church will this be? I’ve been hearing rumors of lots of Satan worshipers trying to build statues and churches in America recently!! I hope Turlock does not allow such evil to be built near me because I don’t want to live in a city where evil like that exists!!! Do not allow this church to be for Satan!!

  6. Dear Dorothy White says:

    There is a Satan statue near Red Brick on the corner of West Main and Market Street. The Satan statue is called Califia. Probably donated by the Red Brick owners.

  7. Dorothy White says:

    Thank you for telling me!! I will not eat at Red Brick ever again!! We need to get companies like that away from our kids and out of our town!!

  8. Immature Drunk Mayor says:

    Add that & Turlock is good to go. Just think Soiseth can’t hold his liquor, is giving away all of the tax money to police & fire and pretends to understand water issues, what’s next?

  9. Mr. Crowley says:

    Is it this statue? It’s the statue of Baphomet. Baphomet is showing up all over the nation.


  10. Dorothy White says:

    Do not let them put more Satan statues in our town!!

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