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Six Arrested in Drug Bust by Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team


The Turlock Narcotics Enforcement Team carried out a drug bust that led to six people being arrested in the 200 block of Angelus.

A search warrant was served on Tuesday due to suspicion of on-going sales of narcotics.

When detectives searched the home, law enforcement found 49 individually packaged baggies of heroin, in total weighing over 36 grams.

Albert Padilla, 38, was arrested and booked for possession of heroin for sale.

The other five were arrested for various charges.

Daniel Cox, 36, was arrested for an outstanding domestic violence warrant.

Linda Vigil, 50, was arrested for an outstanding child endangerment warrant.

Felicia Vigil, 24, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

Shauntae Moore, 39, was arrested for an outstanding drug possession warrant.

Lalonnie Arquette, 43, was arrested for possession of methamphetamine.

The Turlock Police Department is an active participant in the Crime Stoppers Program. If there are crime related matters in a neighborhood, people can anonymously give a tip by contacting Crime Stoppers at (209) 521-4636 and may be eligibility for a cash reward.

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    200 block of Angelus? No SHOCKER HERE! This is why we sold the 2/1 rental we bought for $49K during the 2009 housing crash, and sold it 3 yrs later with a $30K profit! The southern Turlock area is a TOTAL SEWERHOLE GHETTO! We didn’t know the area, BUT we sure did once we became GHETTOLORDS! The quality of people applying to rent was DISMAL at best, 99.9% were nursing on the GOVERNMENTS breasts! and could barely spell, write, and form a sentence! They were of ALL races! We made a few coins on the sale, and were HAPPY as hell never having to venture in that SEWERHOLE ever again! The City of Turlock should bulid a fence around that entire area and charge admission to see the crazed animals!

  2. Oops! says:

    Now there won’t be any party time in Turlock for awhile.

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