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“Disruptive” Student Causes Junior High Lockdown, Quickly Lifted

Sabrina Rodriguez/TurlockCityNews.com

The Turlock Junior High School was put on lockdown for 20 minutes on Thursday.

“Administration secured all students and staff in a lock down until a disruptive student had been apprehended,” stated Mike Trainor, Assistant Superintendent of Turlock Unified School District.

It is not clear what the disruption was, however, Trainor mentioned in the reason for the lockdown that they were “attempting to calm and secure an upset and disruptive student.”

The Pitman High School Resource Officer was contacted for assistance.

Some people posted on Facebook asking about the incident without knowing much about it except for that the school had been on lockdown.

Parents were notified of the incident prior to students being dismissed for the day.

“The TJHS administrative team and Officer Devin Rush did an outstanding job of securing the campus and keeping all students' and staff needs at the forefront, including the work to calm and apprehend a troubled student,” stated Trainor. “We are very proud of their combined efforts.”

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  1. DISRUPTIVE? says:

    anyone remember homers hotel?

  2. disruptive says:

    kids are so unoriginal these days. what ever happed to a well placed ziplock bag of sugar in a backpack of a kid you didnt like. then slip the teacher a note sayin your car is gitin sugar in the tank today and jhonny has the sugar. no one got hurt. just sayin be original kids!

  3. Eskimo fireman says:

    I really hate Turlock jr high. So many things happen there that aren’t even discussed. It’s okay though, because mike “the shrimp” trainor says so.

  4. Bet you says:

    It was a Mexican kid who has parents that barely speak English, are semi literate, yet get all the entitlements that California just hands out willy nilly. Diversificado Es muy ¡malo!

  5. dude says:

    Wow it was 20 mins my school had it for 3 hours

  6. dude says:

    Wow it was 20 mins my school had it for 3 hours

  7. high schoolers look like 9th St. Pros says:

    Forget about the violence on Turlock campuses, have you walked by THS or PHS lately? Is there a dress code on campus & does anyone follow it? Drive by or go on campus, I haven’t seen that much skin on young women in a long time. It’s okay to wear shirts which show your belly, boobs & bra. Do school board members pay attention?

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