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Homeless Shelter Program, City to Hold Ribbon Cutting of Low Income Housing Project

Sabrina Rodriguez/TurlockCityNews.com

The We Care Program is a Turlock based low income and very low income shelter program for homeless adults. Its program began back in 2002, starting at the Zion Worship Center, and has expanded throughout the years.

On Thursday, there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1480 Lambert Avenue to celebrate the opening of the We Care Housing Program.

According to a press release sent out by the City of Turlock, This program is comprised of four two-bedroom apartment units providing long term and affordable housing solutions for low income families that are below the 60% of the area median income.”

WCP states on its website, the program initially began in 2002. It was for homeless people who needed a place to rest their head during the nights, serving about 45 men and women each night. When the City of Turlock purchased a warehouse on B Street in 2004, WCP was able to use the facility to accommodate more men and women throughout the nights, approximately 65 men and women each night. By 2008, the shelter had moved once again, to it’s current location at 219 S. Broadway Avenue. The shelter is for men only, however, women can still find shelter and services at the Turlock Gospel Mission.

Now that the WCP has grown, the organization states, “We are proud to partner with the City of Turlock, with funding being provided through the City of Turlock’s HOME Investment Partnership Program and Community Development Block Grant Program.”

“This project is a perfect example of the collaboration between the City and our non-profit partners to address the housing needs in our community,” remarked Mayor Gary Soiseth. The City Council and I look forward to the Grand Opening and celebrating this partnership.”

This newly added assistance for homeless and low-income families is the latest solution to help out the community and those who live in it.

“These housing units will help our community address the lack of affordable housing for low income families,” states the City press release. “This project allows the We Care Program to enhance their mission to provide housing solutions at every level ranging from temporary shelter to transitional housing and eventually long term housing.”

For people interested in attending, there will be a public ribbon cutting ceremony, including tours and refreshments, on Oct. 8, from 3:30 to 5 p.m., at 1480 Lambert Avenue.

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  1. Waste of money says:

    I give that place 2 weeks before it smells like fences and is covered in trash. Why are we wasting money on people who obviously do not care about their own circumstances. Why are we not looking at the state who is supposed to be solving these problems with the tax dollars that they already steal from us?

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