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Turlock Native Launching Campaign to Shoot Film in Hometown

Courtesy of Monarch Moon Films

After studying political science and taking a leap of faith into the theater, Turlock native Bavlina Youri is bringing cast and crew back to Turlock in November for the filming of “I Meant to Tell You.” 

Production company Monarch Moon Films, which is behind the short film being shot in Turlock, is Co-Founded by the Turlock native herself.

Youri explained to TurlockCityNews.com why she decided to film in Turlock. 

“I just want it to be out there to let people know someone is bringing something back to the town,” said Youri.

Youri was born and raised in Turlock. After graduating from Turlock High School, she attended Stan State where she graduated with a BA degree in Political Science. 

According to a press release, despite studying Political Science for her major, Balvina found interest in the Theater department – taking classes in acting, costuming, voice, stage combat, and also working as part of the production crew for performances.

After finishing her degree, Youri moved to Long Beach, and got involved in the film industry working as a freelance makeup artist. Being surrounded by the world of film led her to move to New York Where she graduated with a Masters Of Fine Arts from The Actor’s Studio Drama School.

With a cast of professional colleagues and a crew of Turlock talent, Youri is campaigning for the film while also planning to show an exclusive screening in Turlock once the movie is finished.

As part of the campaign, Youri is holding a fundraiser for the film at the Udder Place, located at 110 West Main Street. The event is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 10 from 5 to 8 p.m.

The fundraiser will see a percentage of the drinks sold during the event go toward the production of the film.

Professional cast will include 3 trained actors from New York as well as a local Turlocker for the 20 minute film written by Youri. Although she has written since she was young, this film will be her first screenplay generated from a year long effort.

The Turlock native has addressed the film as her opportunity to “bring something back to the City.” 

Public relation and Outreach Consultant for Monarch Moon Films Errol Schmall stated that featuring Turlock in a short film expected to have national exposure “really puts Turlock on the map.” 

“I think it really showcases the town and the creative talent here.”

A private screening is tentatively scheduled for March or April of 2016.

Monarch Moon Films mission is to do three independent short films within the next year, each written by one of the founders of the production company.

Due to the films being shorts, there are not many parts to fill. People wanting to be informed about the films and festivals with Monarch Moon Films can establish contact through their website.

For information on how you can get involved in “I Meant To Tell You,” visit Monarch Moon Film’s Indiegogo page.

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  1. Evelyn Odisho says:

    We’re honored to have u back with such a big project, Turlock needs people like yourself.

    God bless u

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    Where is the news on this website?

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