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Turlock City News

Turlock Firefighters Go Viral

Turlock Fire Department

Turlock Firefighters have gone viral in the news with video footage of Turlock’s finest rescuing kittens from a building. 

On May 2, Turlock Fire Department responded to a structure threatened by a fire outside West Main Street.

Captured footage shows Turlock firefighters arriving to the scene and taking prompt action to extinguish the fire. While overhauling, a firefighter caught sight of two foamed covered kittens in burning wood rounds and carried them out.  

Two more kittens were found and all 4 were cleaned and dried by firefighters before being reunited with their mother.

Since being posted, the TFD youtube account has garnered over 26,000 video views, and the video itself gained traction across the nation with coverage from the Huffington Post, the Inquisitor, CNN, New York Daily News, and Canada Journal. 

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