Endangered Desert Tortoise Missing, Needs Medication Today! $500 Reward!


My desert tortoise has gone missing. $500 for his return, no questions asked.There are no places to escape. He's just gone from my yard, where he's lived happily for 3 years, without a trace.

He's over a foot long, 15 years old, and very friendly.

He comes out to eat in the mid-morning and in the heat of the day will hide under piles of wood, the bottom of bushes, and any shady little areas that something the size of 1/2 a basket ball could fit in.

The yard was designed to keep him in, and must have been let our or stolen.

Please we don't want to press any charges, we will pay whoever has him a huge reward and get them another pet tortoise if they want. We just must return this endangered animal to the safety of his home. He needs his medication today. 

He is a dry land animal that eats grass. Please, if you find him, DO NOT PUT HIM IN WATER he could get very sick or even drown. ‪

Please… can anyone help find him?


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