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Self-Defense Classes Available for Turlockers

Self-Defense Available for Turlockers

Summer vacation is approaching for many Turlock families, and, as some go on vacation, others are at home with nothing to do. During this summer season, City of Turlock Parks, Recreation & Public Facilities Department has self-defense classes available for the community.

By training in the art of karate, young Turlockers will be encouraged to learn self-discipline and self confidence.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of karate are offered to kids from the ages of 5 to 15. These classes will be divided by belt level in karate. Students with Yellow and Orange belts will have separate class from students with Purple belts and above.

A class will also be held for students who are new to Karate. Currently, this level has 10 spots taken, and 190 are still to be filled.

Every student with a yellow belt or higher is required to have a mouth guard. However, those with a Orange belt or above are required to have a head guard and hand pads as well. Shin pads, foot pads, and a uniform are recommended for those with an Orange belt.

Students with only a yellow belt are only recommended to have a head guard, hand pads, shin pads, and foot pads.

Every class hasa $5.00 materials fee that must be paid to the instructor at first class.

Adults will also have an opportunity to take classes in Tai-Chi. The age range for this group is 18 to 100. Practitioners of this Chinese art will have the ability to focus and exercise their movements to improve their health, concentration, and relaxation.

Those interested in the class are required to have a loose-fitted shirt or blouse with no bindings under the armpits. It is also recommended that practitioners avoid sleeves that can slip to the back of the arm and cotton pants and sweats with drawstring.  

Keep in mind, you’ll need to move unrestricted in this class since some movements will require you to move your hips and bend at the waist.

Karate classes will be in Senior Center located at 1191 Cahill Avenue from June 6 to August 15 of the karate classes will be located atTurlock Senior Center at 1191 Cahill St. The fee for this class $66. There will be an additional class running from Aug. 22 to Oct. 17 that also has spots available.

Tai-chi classes will take place at 275 N Orange Street from June 1 to June 22. The fee for the class is $48. Internet enrollment for this class begins on Wednesday, June 1 at 8AM. There will be an additional class from June 29 to July 20.

Interested individuals can register at the Recreation Office prior to each session. Students will be accepted up to the 2nd class of each session, but will be charged a $5 late fee. All participants must pre-register at Recreation Division 144 S. Broadway. 

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