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Stanislaus County Fair Brings in Three New Fun Features

Courtesy of Stanislaus County Fair/TurlockCityNews.com

Children and adults alike have always been able to choose from a variety of fun features offered at the Stanislaus County Fair. With so many options already available at the local festivities, decisions may get a little tougher with 3 new activities being added to the list this year.

The Stanislaus County Fair is introducing the interactive Gaming Expo, the spectacular High Diving Pirates of the Caribbean, and the adorably entertaining Pig Races to run for the duration of the fair.

“We try to make each Fair better than the year before. Having new exhibits and entertainment achieves that,” said Adrenna Alkhas, spokesperson for the Stanislaus County Fair. “We are extremely excited to have such wonderful, innovative, and hands-on attractions at this year’s Fair.

The new Gaming Expo will replace Mind Works.

With this new addition, participants will be able to explore the virtual world of interactive gaming and experience flying their own drone. The Gaming Expo gives guests the opportunity to participate in their favorite gaming counsel, while experiencing the virtual world of gaming.

The new High Diving Pirates of the Caribbean Show will feature a 22 minute performance including springboard and tower diving, comedy and clown diving, and a high dive into a pool that is only 9 1⁄2 feet deep.

The latest racers to hit the Great American Speedway are sure to be a hit at the Fair. Each exciting and educational show will include four race heats featuring audience participation, pig trivia, and prize giveaways for winning race cheerleaders.

Head out to the Stanislaus County Fair July 8-17 for the chance to partake in these fun, new events. You can purchase the different types of tickets here.

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