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Live Video Stream and Online Voting for Dancing with the Turlock Stars Sold Out Fundraiser


The third year of Dancing With the Turlock Stars community fundraiser has sold out, again. However, the entertaining dance fundraising event is now being live video streamed and online voting will continue throughout the event!

Members of the community are set to compete alongside seasoned dancers in order to benefit local charities and organizations, Covenant Care Hospice, Jessica's House, and the Turlock Salvation Army.

“We were so honored that Dancing with the Turlock Stars chose Jessica's House as one of their recipients. We have admired Kristin Bettencourt and her team's hard work for our community in pulling together such an entertaining event,” stated Executive Director of Jessica’s House, Erin Nelson. “The dancing competition is so much fun and involves many wonderful and generous people who are working hard to do good for organizations serving families in Turlock.”

“The Salvation Army gives back to kids, young adults, tutoring, English as a second language…it’s just a good cause to donate to. The Key is keeping our money in our community,” explained Jerry Powell, President of the Salvation Army Advisory Board.

The 2016 Dancing With the Turlock Stars has a major sponsor, Family Pet Home Health, a new professional veterinary care home service being launched by Dr. Rob Santos.

This year’s event also added a production sponsor, TurlockCityNews.com, so there could be more investment into the already amazing show and will announce enhanced viewing details for in-house attendees and those wanting to watch the video.

Mirror Ball sponsors include Assyrian American Civic Club, Geiger’s Fine Jewelry, and Sunrise Bakery. There are also many more sponsors supporting the dancers, event, and great cause.

Competitors of this fun event include members of various organizations around the city such as Turlock Police and Fire departments, Turlock City Council, Emanuel Medical Center, the Turlock Unified School District Board of Trustees, and even some local business owners, just to name a few.

“I do it to support the cause; for the donation to the charities,” said Turlock firefighter Cameron Kaiser.

Professional dancers were picked from dance studios including Alegria Ballroom Dance Studio, Attitude Plus Dance Studio, along with other proven skilled dancers. According to dancing Pro Amy Shamgochian, the competition is “going to be steep.”

Shamgochian believes she has an advantage being partnered with the very tall TUSD Board Trustee Bob Weaver.

“I like to do tricks, and I like to do tricks high up in the air. He’s going to be able to lift me higher than anyone else. I’m excited!”
Most of the dancing Pros will be entering their third year in the competition, which includes dancing Pro Nicole Couto who has taken the big prize these last two years of the competition, and these pros will have the experience factor of knowing what to expect in the competition.

The full list of DWTTS competitors can be found below:

Fabian De Leon & Patti Soiseth

Xavier Huerta & Stacey Tonarelli

Skyler Bazal & Susan Micheletti

Hector Gonzalez & Mayra Lewis

Amy Shamgochian & Bob Weaver

Mackenzie Shamgochian & Duraye Roque

Amber Traini & Joseph Estacio

Gabrielle Aguiar-Forrest & Cameron Kaiser

Stephanie Valgos & Isaias Rumayor

Annette Langley & Kyle Kaepernick

Liz Hallack & Kevin Crivelli

Danielle Robinette & Rick Fetter

Nicole Couto & Sargon Eddy

“Our Stars and our Pros practice for six to eight weeks, 3 to 4 times a week. They really put together a production that is top notch…people walk into this event, it’s sold out, the energy level is high, and it truly is just a major production with the big screens, and the music, and the lighting. They just don’t disappoint at all,” said Dancing With the Turlock Stars Committee Organizer and Board President, Kristin Bettencourt.

“It truly mimics the show. People arrive at our event, and I think they are completely caught off guard by the level of performance.”

There are two ways for the couples to win, but in the end, the entire community of Turlock will win right alongside them.

Each vote is a $10 donation, and it is 100% tax deductible. It’s never too early to start voting!

Turlockers voted through in-store, online, and night of the event votes.

Now the last chance to vote will be at the event and online.

A second chance to win will be when the couples perform live in front of a panel of judges who will give them scores, mirroring the setup of the popular television show, Dancing With the Stars.

Dancing with the Turlock Stars is set to take the stage again with at the Assyrian American Civic Hall at 6 p.m. on September 17. Tickets for the event have sold out.

More information, details, and voting can be found on the official website, www.dancingwiththeturlockstars.com.

TurlockCityNews.com has the live video stream here at this link:

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