First Ever Turlock Comic-Con February 4, 2017

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Turlock will be host to its first ever Comic-Con, organized by Ziggy, of Ziggy’s Video Game Exchange.

As the first ever Turlock Comic-Con has neared, the hype for the convention has grown. With numerous special attractions, cosplayers, and vendors have been announced for the big day, Turlock Comic-Con is seeking to bring a taste of the big conventions to Turlock and a true local outlet for anyone who’s ever been fascinated with collectibles, music, or movies.

Turlock Comic-Con is being put together by Ziggy, an individual dominantly known for game shop Ziggy’s Video Game Exchange, located at 381 N. Golden State Boulevard. After experiencing conventions himself and being prompted by his daughter, Ziggy decided to take a step forward in bringing a convention to Turlock.

“My daughter loves to go to these and she’ll travel all the way to San Diego,” said Ziggy.

It got to the point where his daughter posed the possibility of putting on a Comic-Con in Turlock, saving people the travel time and resources for having to go to conventions further away.

Local convention goers would normally have to go to Modesto or possibly Stockton to get the experience of a convention. This could also be coupled with prices as high as $75 dollars for some of the bigger conventions.

Ziggy has taken efforts to make the convention an open and welcoming environment for everybody who wants to attend. Ticket prices are $5 on the day of the event.

Although the cost of admission is lower, Ziggy is stacking the convention with elements from other conventions that he always enjoyed which will include an array of vendors providing a “mix of everything” for the convention. The event will also feature Star Wars cosplayers Margo Apostolos, known for portraying Ewok Tokkat; C. Andrew Nelson, known for his Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader cosplays; and, also, mixed martial arts superstars Angel “The Dream” DeAnda, “Bushido Kid” Justin Smitley, and Michael “Mayday” McDonald – a top 5 UFC lightweight fighter. However, Turlock Comic-Con will also feature a special twist not common to conventions.

“We’ve taken things that we did dig on from different cons. This one has a little twist to it though. This one has a haunted theme to it.”

To fulfill that theme, Ziggy has recruited the Deathworkz Haunt. Deathworkz was previously identified as the best haunt in Modesto for 15 years. Touted as the conventions most unique feature, Ziggy expressed that Deathworkz can really “go out all out” for the people who are really looking for a good scare as they go through the maze.

For Ziggy, Turlock Comic-Con is meant to appeal to everyone and anyone who has ever been touched by a song or riveted by a movie or video game.

“We were all geeky kids at one time. Then, we grow up and get a little more sophisticated, but I think we all have that inner child in us,” said Ziggy.

Whether it’s Star Wars, movies, music, toys, collectibles, or video games, there is something for everyone to get into at Turlock Comic-Con.

Turlock Comic-Con opens its doors on Feb. 4 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m at the Stanislaus County Fairgrounds.


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