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Baby Ejected As Vehicle Rolls Over Multiple Times – Highway 99, Walnut Road Near West Main Street Exit

Highway 99 Walnut Road Main Street Exit Roll Over Baby Ejected 12 09 19

A vehicle rolled over and off of southbound Highway 99 toward the side street of N. Walnut Road, near the West Main Street Exit – ejecting a baby.

At around 7:30pm, a black Cadillac Escalade with four people inside rolled over from the second lane of Highway 99, rolling over multiple times and off the highway toward the side street of N. Walnut Road, near the West Main Street Exit in Turlock.

“An infant, approximately just under a year of age, was ejected from the vehicle,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Mike Azevedo.”He was strapped into the car seat, still, but it came detached from the base.”

According to CHP Officer Azevedo, the vehicle was reported as going about 45 to 50 mph, as it approached slow moving traffic on southbound Highway 99. The Escalade made an abrupt maneuver to the right, lost control, causing the vehicle to flip multiple times – rolling toward N. Walnut Road, around the area of the cross street Maryann Drive.

CHP and first responders arrived to an adult male, adult female, child around the age of 2 years old, and an ejected baby. All were suffering with pain but no major injuries.

Both children were airlifted to a hospital with minor injuries.

“Any intoxication or drug abuse doesn’t appear to be a factor in this,” stated Officer Azevedo.

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