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Modesto Bee Launching “Fake News” Attack Against Ted Howze

Ted Howze, Leading Republican Challenger to Democrat Josh Harder

Word is out that the Modesto Bee is launching a huge Fake News attack against Josh Harder’s leading Republican opponent, Ted Howze. Keep in mind that the Bee has already endorsed freshman Democrat Congressman Josh Harder and the media’s corporation is in bankruptcy.

TCN found out about a planned assault on Dr. Howze’s residency status.

At our request, Howze willingly provided more than ample proof of Turlock residency by turning over water bills, power bills, mail, etc. This is the same information that was turned over to the Modesto Bee, yet continued demands for more and more proof were made.

Dr. Howze is a Turlock resident, while also owning a local business here in Turlock, and any claim to the contrary is Fake News. 

Howze is a former Turlock City Council Member, Planning Commissioner, and local high school football coach.

Residency within a District isn’t even required of candidates running for Congress. For example, another congressional candidate, Marla Livengood, noted during a recent debate that she resides outside of the 10th Congressional District. It’s absolutely petty to try and attack Ted Howze who has clearly lived and worked locally in the Turlock area for decades.

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  1. Duke Cooper says:

    Shame on the Modesto Bee, enough fake news. Ted Howze for Congress in 2020, start packing Josh Harder

  2. John Martin says:

    Fake News is a dishonest label for anything the right finds inconvenient. In order to call something fake and have any credibility, one has to provide proof that the claims in the news article are untrue. The Modesto Bee did not claim that Ted Howze does not own a home in Turlock, just that he was lying about that being his primary residence. When caught in that lie, he asked the reporter to leave his property. Truth does not need to avoid scrutiny, lies thrive in the dark. All this is pointless now that Howze has imploded. The only question remaining is will he clean up his campaign signs after he withdraws or looses (badly now that the Republican party has disavowed him) or will he leave them to litter the county in which he does not live.

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