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Drunk driver arrested after crashing into two mailboxes and parked vehicle Saturday evening

On Saturday, December 18th, 2021, at 5:21 pm, the Turlock Police Department was dispatched to a reported vehicle collision with no injuries in front of Wellness Massage, 2715 Geer Rd, Turlock.

When officers arrived on scene, they located two vehicles involved. One was a silver Chevrolet SUV and the other was a silver Honda sedan. The silver Chevrolet SUV had also collided with two mailboxes, taking one of them down.

The driver and only occupant of the silver Chevrolet SUV, Robert Messer, 52, of Turlock, was uninjured. The silver Honda sedan was parked and unoccupied.

Officers noticed signs of intoxication coming from Messer. They asked him to participate in standardized field sobriety tests, which he did. At the conclusion of those tests, officers asked Messer to blow into a preliminary alcohol screening device. As a result of the tests, officers developed probable cause to believe that Messer was intoxicated when the collision occurred.

Officers began investigating and determined that for an unknown reason, Messer had backed into two mailboxes and taken one of them down. After he had backed into the mailboxes, he proceeded to continue backing up before ultimately striking the passenger side of the silver Honda sedan and coming to final rest.

Messer was arrested and released on a citation on charges of driving while intoxicated.

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