Wanted Man Arrested After Fourth Attempt

Turlock City News POST (21)

At about 11:00 pm Friday night, a Turlock Police officer near Venice Motel, 1114 North Golden State Boulevard, Turlock, on-viewed a vehicle violating the California Vehicle Code, so he made a traffic stop on it.

When the officer made contact with the vehicle’s driver, Ricky Agundez, 40, of Turlock, he immediately recognized him as a subject who had evaded them before and detained him in handcuffs.

When the officer ran a wants and warrants check on Agundez, he discovered that he had three misdemeanor warrants and one felony warrant, all for larceny related charges.

Although a felony warrant would typically require a defendant to be booked into jail, the issuing agency for the warrant did not require this because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Agundez was arrested and released on a citation for his warrants.

Officers had previously attempted to arrest Agundez three different times for his warrants, however, were unsuccessful in all attempts. In the first attempt, Agundez did not have his felony warrant and misdemeanor warrants cannot be served at night while a defendant is in their place of living. In the second attempt, Agundez did have his felony warrant, however, when officers entered his motel room to arrest him, they discovered that he had fled through a back window that they didn’t know existed. In the third attempt, the issuing agency for the felony warrant did not want Agundez booked into jail, and because he was in his place of living, officers could not serve it.

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