Belligerent Drunk Driver Arrested After Passively Resisting Officers

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At about 7:47 pm Monday evening, the Turlock Police Department was dispatched to a reported dangerous driver at the intersection of North Denair Avenue and East Hawkeye Avenue, Turlock.


The caller began following the vehicle and updating dispatch with locations until it ultimately stopped at Wayside Market, 735 Wayside Drive.


Officers responding to the call arrived at Wayside Market just as the vehicle began leaving. Officers observed a violation of the California Vehicle Code and made a traffic stop on the vehicle at the intersection of North Denair Avenue and Wayside Drive.


Officers made contact with the vehicle’s driver and identified him as Jacob Sparks, 39, of Patterson.


Officers immediately noticed that Sparks was exhibiting signs of being under the influence, so they removed him from the vehicle and asked him to participate in standardized field sobriety tests. Sparks agreed to participate, however, was only able to participate in one test and was unable to follow directions to begin the other two.


Officers asked Sparks to blow into a preliminary alcohol screening device, however, he refused.


Based on Sparks’ performance on the one and only test he participated in, his inability to begin the other two, and his driving, officers determined that Sparks was indeed under the influence of alcohol.


Officers then told Sparks that he was under arrest and to turn around and put his hands behind his back, however, he became belligerent and began passively resisting. Officers were eventually able to put him in handcuffs without further incident.


Sparks was booked into the Stanislaus County Public Safety Center on charges of driving under the influence of alcohol and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. He was also issued a driver’s license suspension order and his vehicle was impounded.


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