Sideshow Results in Reckless Driving and DUI Arrest

Sideshow Results in Reckless Driving and DUI Arrest / Photo: Patrick Shansoff | Turlock City News

At about 9:05 pm Friday night, the Turlock Police Department was dispatched to a reported sideshow in progress at Lowe’s, 3303 Entertainment Way, Turlock, for over 150 vehicles gathering in the parking lot and illegal aerial fireworks being launched.

Officers arrived on scene to exactly what was reported.

Officers began conducting traffic stops with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol. Turlock officers were responsible for three of the stops. The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office’s airship also responded to provide aerial support.

One of the stops made was at 10:11 pm in front of Fairfield Inn & Suites, 3301 Countryside Drive.

The driver of the vehicle, Maxwell Gunter, 24, of Turlock, was arrested after he had been seen recklessly driving in the Lowe’s parking lot.

While speaking with Gunter, officers formed the belief that he was under the influence, so they asked him if he would be willing to participate in standardized field sobriety tests, which he agreed to and completed. Officers then asked if he would blow into a preliminary alcohol screening device, which he also agreed to and did.

Ultimately, based on Gunter’s performance in the standardized field sobriety tests he completed, the results of the preliminary alcohol screening test, his statements, and the totality of the circumstances, officers determined that he was under the influence of alcohol.

Gunter was arrested and provided an evidentiary breath sample at the scene as required by California’s implied consent law. The results of the breath sample revealed that Gunter had a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater.

Gunter was released on a citation on charges of reckless driving, driving under the influence of alcohol, and driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or greater. He was also issued an administrative driver’s license suspension order by the California Department of Motor Vehicles and his vehicle was impounded.

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