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Multiple Attempted Vehicle Thefts in North Turlock, Orange Dodge Charger Stolen

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After about 12:00am Wednesday morning, Turlock Police received three separate reports of vehicles either being stolen or attempting to be stolen in the north part of town.

One vehicle was successfully stolen from the 500 block of Summerton Lane, an orange 2020 Dodge Charger with California license plate 17AAV6, while the other two vehicles were only attempted to be stolen.

The suspects in all three incidents are believed to be the same. They were described as Hispanic men wearing black sweaters, in a newer, black Chevrolet Malibu. They were last seen eastbound on Knoxley Drive from Manzanita Way around 1:20am.

Recently, higher-end Dodge, Jeep, and Ram vehicles have been targeted by thieves.

From information Turlock City News was able to find online, similar to Kia and Hyundai vehicles being targeted within the past few years, it appears that this is happening due to these newer, high-end vehicles being more vulnerable them previous generations.

One advanced technique thieves are using is called a “relay attack”, which includes using a repeater to broadcast the signal from a key fob left by the front door to a vehicle parked nearby.

It also appears that there’s a higher demand for these vehicles overseas. With the value, vulnerability, and demand for these vehicles, it’s no wonder why thieves are targeting them.

If you own any vehicle that uses a key fob, keep the fob as far away from your front door as possible and secure your vehicle in a garage if possible. Also, remember to stay alert and immediately report any suspicious activity to police.

The investigations remain ongoing. Anyone with information that could assist in them is encouraged to call officers Andy Khounlivong or Zachary Rocha at 209-668-1200.

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